Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Upcoming Book (The Quotable Newman)


The Quotable Newman: Theology and Church History  

I suppose this (my 25th book) was inevitable, since I have such a great admiration for the Blessed Cardinal (whom I believe will one day be proclaimed not only a saint but also a Doctor of the Church). He was the main theological and intellectual influence in my conversion to the Catholic Church (i.e., development of doctrine), and perhaps the most consistently brilliant non-fiction writer (both in ideas and style) that I have ever encountered. I maintain a large Cardinal Newman web page. I immensely enjoyed putting together my book of Chesterton quotations, and wanted to do similarly with Cardinal Newman.

The two great men have completely different styles: both profound and wise in their own way. The Newman book certainly won't consist of single sentences, as with Chesterton. I think that would do an injustice to his writing patterns and his thinking. It will be devoted to making his thought more accessible to the public (as concisely as possible without doing violence to it): categorized for quick reference and convenience.

Yes, there are several other books of this nature. I have them in my own library. But I won't be consulting them at all (as was the case with Chesterton). I want to do a fresh collection: all of my own making; my editing and selection, not someone else's, as I go through all the books and other writings. What a joy that will be!

Whether it sells or not is ultimately irrelevant to me. Maybe it won't. But this is the book that I had to write sooner or later. It will be a labor of love, but also pure pleasure, to go through all of Newman's writings that I can find. I like editing a lot when it is dealing with wonderful writers like these two fantastic authors. Otherwise, I don't like it much.

Copyright issues will be irrelevant (I had to limit citations of Chesterton's later writings because of this), so I will be able to cite anything I want, at any length I want. It's all in the public domain. And it's all "cut-and-paste editing," due to the faithful, hard work done at the Newman Reader website by Dr. Bob Elder and his associate Paul Zadik (I played a small role in getting them together), and The National Institute for Newman Studies. All of Cardinal Newman's writings are available there.

Please pray for me: that the results will be edifying, enjoyable, and educational: the three "E's" of apologetic writing. Thanks for reading this and any of my material. I'm humbled and honored by my readers. All glory to God. I seek to serve Him by sharing His message of the Gospel and fullness of the faith with you (as best I can).


Sophia's Lover said...

I'd be interested in your Bible text, Dave; good luck!

Dave Armstrong said...


Fr John Abberton said...

I am amazed at your output - and at its quality. I wish you well in all these projects and will pray for you.

Matheus F. Ticiani said...

Hello Dave

Sorry for going off-topic, but your recent post on exorcism and the movie The Rite that I saw here 2 or 3 days ago is missing. I was going to read it and offer a link to this interview I've just read.

Thanks for the great work.

Dave Armstrong said...

Thank you very much, Fr. John. I appreciate your encouragement and prayers very much. God bless you!

Hi Matheus,

I thought better of it and removed it (too personal). I already linked to the interview on my Facebook page. :-) Thanks for the heads up tho. If I hadn't seen it already I would have followed your link.

Thanks for your kind words, too.

Randy said...

Cardinal Newman is a real challenge. His thinking is so deep that many people struggle to understand. Once the light goes on they start posting long quotes from him and people, especially protestants, just get confused.

I really like what Peter Kreeft did with St Thomas Aquinas in the Summa of the Summa. He selected quotes but also added many footnotes to explain things to modern reader. Many pages are more footnote than quote. If you wrote something like that it might be very helpful making Newman more accessible.


Dave Armstrong said...

I wouldn't feel qualified to do that! I like the idea, but apart from proper qualifications, I don't like to inject myself into the quote books any more than editing and organizing requires. My knack for and love of organization and departmentalizing topics is a good fit there.

I want the author to be the whole focus of attention, not my commentaries on him.