Thursday, February 10, 2011

Debate: The Anti-Catholic "Pope as God" Argument (vs. Paul Mansbacher)

By Dave Armstrong (1 January 1999)

This is an old paper that was posted on my website way back in 1 January 1999. In due course (sometime between October 2001 and February 2002), I came to think that the assertion that the pope claims to be God was so ridiculous (i.e., that no one could possibly believe such an absurd thing, or if they did, they were beyond rational discussion, anyway), that it wasn't worth spending any valuable time refuting, and removed this paper from any of my sites: but not at all because I thought my reasoning in it was erroneous.

Sure enough, however, I've discovered that people are still being taken in by this lie, spread by anti-Catholic sites (in this instance, a supposed "quotation" from Pope St. Pius V that has been widely butchered). In looking for the original quotation I noticed a host of anti-Catholic sites quoting the made-up version. Because of this experience, I decided to restore this old paper to my blog.

Rather than cut-and-paste it from Internet Archive (it's very long and has a lot of color-coding), I will make links to archived versions over there (all interchangeable; if one doesn't work, just try another): (one / two / three / four / five). It's an example of how my original website used to look.

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