Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catholic Resources for the Greek Septuagint and the Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament (Links Page)

Compiled by Dave Armstrong (10-20-10)

Anyone pursuing this issue will want to definitely order the book above, written by my good friend, Catholic apologist Gary Michuta, entitled, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger.

Catholic Encyclopedia
: "Septuagint Version"

"Septuagint Or Masoretic Text?" (Jimmy Akin)

"Other Voices on Jabneh" (This Rock, Sep. 2004)

"Did the Catholic Church Add to the Old Testament?" (Kenneth J. Howell, This Rock, March 2005)

"Counting the Canon" (Steven L. Kellmeyer, This Rock, June 1998)

"How to Defend the Deuterocanonicals" (Jason Evert, This Rock, Sep. 2000)

"In the Crosshairs of the Canon: Protestants Find History Aimed against Them" (Jeffrey L. Morrow, This Rock, Nov. 2000)

"The Old Testament Canon" [and the Church Fathers] (Catholic Answers, 2004)

"Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger" (Gary Michuta, Catholic Answers Live, 9-10-07; have to download text)

For more papers on the Canon (OT and NT), see sections VII and VIII of my Bible, Tradition, Canon, and Sola Scriptura web page.

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