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"Dialogue Central": Listing of 624 Internet Theological Dialogues by Dave Armstrong



For the purpose of definition in this collection, a "dialogue" is regarded as any significant, substantive interaction of two or more opposed viewpoints on a side-by-side or back-and-forth basis, with opponents' positions being presented in their own words (usually color-coded), not merely outlined or summarized by someone else. There may or may not be counter-replies from opponents (e.g., if I critique Luther or Calvin, they are dead and cannot further defend themselves). The main criterion is two positions presented: each by its own proponent, and interaction, discussion, and/or critique of viewpoints from my perspective or both sides' perspectives: something more than just myself giving my own opinion only.

Dialogues are the very opposite of lecturing or "preaching to the choir"; they are respectful, thought-provoking interactions of folks with different opinions. I love dialogue and back-and-forth discussion (and seek it out) because I feel that it is an excellent teaching tool and an important opportunity for thinking persons to look at both (or more than two) sides of any given issue, and to think critically for themselves, in order to arrive at truth or a deeper understanding of same. I think it is fun, challenging, and intellectually stimulating, as well as being educational. It's a great (and neglected) blessing in all these ways. My desire is to provide a "service" to my readers in this fashion.

Done correctly, dialogue can be edifying, not divisive or "controversy for its own sake." It is not the same thing as a "quarrel" or "spat" or "fight" (though, sadly, in practice online and "in real life" it too often degenerates into that). It should be quite the opposite. The philosopher Plato taught that good, constructive dialogue presupposed knowledge of each others' positions, and mutual respect. If possible, those in a dialogue should even be friends. That has been my experience, too. Hostility or oversensitivity or "taking things personally" kills any chance of successful dialogue. Friendship furthers that goal.

Several of the (attempted) dialogues with anti-Catholics included below, however, and unfortunately (the reader is forewarned!), have an acrimonious spirit from my opponents because of their hostility to Catholicism and Catholic theology. Anti-Catholic opponents will be noted as such by their names, so that the reader who wishes to avoid this (highly intellectually objectionable) strain of thought altogether (and the frequent ugliness of attempted encounters with same) can easily do so. I no longer attempt theological dialogues with anti-Catholics (this has been my policy since October 2007) precisely because I concluded (after eleven years online, trying) that it is literally impossible to achieve (largely for the reasons noted in the previous paragraph).

I have not included in this collection (as I have in similar past ones), my own fictional dialogues, dialogues only available in my books, or those with the opponents' words paraphrased (usually due to copyright or personal objection to words being cited). This way, only dialogues with the actual words of opponents, freely available online, are listed. In other words, the definition of "dialogue" is more strict this time.

NOTE: As of June 2011, new dialogues will no longer be listed.

For related papers on the art and science of dialogue, see:

Thoughts on Amiable and Constructive Dialogue (introductory instructive post describing my philosophy and goals for my blog)

Introduction to my book,
Bible Conversations: Catholic-Protestant Dialogues on the Bible, Tradition, and Salvation (a general treatment of the nature and utility of dialogue)

Dialogue on the Utility of Back-and-Forth Internet Exchanges (Socratic Dialogue)

Brief Reflections on Theological Debate, Dialogue, Discussion, and So-Called "Quarrels"

Why Is Apologetics Sometimes (So-Called) "Negative" (i.e., Critiquing Other Views)?

Oral vs. Written Apologetic Debates: Which Format is More Substantive?

The Ghost of Socrates Meets James White and Debates What "Debate" Means, Among Other Things

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Baptists (Including Reformed [Calvinist] Baptists)
Church of Christ
Liberal / "Progressive"

Reformed (Calvinist) / Presbyterians

[the following (non-Protestant) categories are listed in Part Two of this Index]:



Orthodox Catholics
Liberal, Dissident Catholics
"Traditionalist" Catholics (Self-Defined)


Jehovah's Witnesses




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The Ambiguous Relationship of Luther and the Early Protestants to St. Augustine

Dialogue on Melanchthon and the Death Penalty for Denial of the Real Presence (+ Part II)

Catholic Underemphasis on Justification by Faith: My Theory on Why This Is

God, the Infallible Bible, and Doctrinal Error of Churches: Round Two

Dialogue: Martin Luther the "Super-Pope," de facto Infallibility, and Protestant Tradition: A Philosophical and Analogical "Turning the Tables" Argument in Reply to Certain Protestant Rhetoric Against the Papacy

Anglican Anti-Traditional Principles of "Development" and the "Cult of Uncertainty"

Christian Apologetics and Academic Historiography: Similarities and Differences

Response to Anglican Edwin Tait, on Conversion and Historical Ecclesiological Arguments

Second Reply to Anglican Edwin Tait on Historical Ecclesiological Arguments and Development of Doctrine

Preliminary Dialogue With an Anglican on the Nature of Legitimate Development of Doctrine

Counter-Reply to Dr. Edwin Tait's "For Dave Armstrong: on development and ecclesiology"


Baptists (Including Reformed [Calvinist] Baptists)

Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon (Anti-Catholic)


Chris Bayack


John MacArthur and Richard Bennett

Ken Temple (Anti-Catholic)

Baptist Pastor Ken Temple's Recent Adoption of Anti-Catholicism

Dialogue on the Exegesis of Luke 1:28 ("Full of Grace"), and the Immaculate Conception

Dialogue on Whether the Church Fathers Were Closer to Protestantism Than to Catholicism

Frank Turk (aka "Centuri0n") (Anti-Catholic)

James White (Anti-Catholic)

Church of Christ


Answers For An Inquiring "Bible Christian" on Bible and Tradition Issues (Particularly St. Augustine's Position)

Refutation of the Common Protestant Polemical Charge That Catholics Inconsistently and Arbitrarily Apply Private Judgment in Accepting Catholicism

Why Are Non-Catholic Christians Excluded From Receiving the Catholic Eucharist, or Communion?

Is the Mass Equivalent to Golden Calf Worship?

Dialogue on (Supposedly Fallible) Pope Honorius

Hell: a Philosophical Defense of its Plausibility, Necessity, and Factuality (Dialogue With a Philosophy Post-Graduate Student)

The Ontological Argument for God's Existence: A Discussion With Philosophy Grad Student Patrick

Dialogue on Catholics' Supposed Simplemindedness, Arrogance, and "Triumphalism"

Answers For An Inquiring "Bible Christian" on Mary's Assumption (Including a Newly-Discovered Biblical Parallel For Same)

Why Are Jesus' "Brothers" (I.e., Cousins or Step-Brothers) Always Hanging Around Mary? Doesn't This Prove That They Are Actually His Siblings?

Short Dialogue on Mary Mediatrix

Answers For An Inquiring "Bible Christian" on "Praying to Dead Saints" (Including a Newly-Discovered Biblical Argument For Same)

Robert Bowman

Carmen Bryant
John Bugay (Anti-Catholic)

Dr. E. L. Hamilton

Bill Keller

Craig Kott

Eric Landstrom (Anti-Catholic)

Len Lisenbee (Anti-Catholic)

Douglas Mabry ("Gojira") (Anti-Catholic)


Dialogue: John Calvin's Letter to Philip Melanchthon Concerning Protestant Divisions: Its Nature, Intent, and Larger Implications

My Biblical Passages Supporting Communion of Saints: Anti-Catholics Again Show a Dense Inability to Grasp Elementary Logic as Applied to Exegesis


C. Michael Patton

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part One (Definitions and Introduction)

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part Two

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part Three (Dual-Source Theory)

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part Four (Tradition and Apostolic Succession)

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part Five (The Canon)

Reply to C. Michael Patton on Sola Scriptura, Part Six (Divisions)

Dialogue on Protestant Objections to the "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" Devotion

Counter-Reply to a Protestant Take on John 6 and the Eucharist

The Catholic Doctrine of the One True Church (New CDF Clarification): Antithetical to Ecumenism?

Ecumenical Discussion on Comparative Protestant-Catholic Soteriology

Brief Reply to Michael Spencer's "Five Questions For Roman Catholics"

Eric Svendsen (Anti-Catholic)

Eric Svendsen Sez Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr. James Dobson Betray the Gospel and R Lousy Evangelicals, in Distinct Danger of Damnation

Jason Vanezia (Anti-Catholic)

David Waltz (Recently Catholic)

Dialogue on My Critique of James White's Book, Mary -- Another Redeemer? (particularly with regard to the differing views on early Mariology of Protestant Church historians J.N.D. Kelly and Philip Schaff)


"CPA" (a professor of history)


Martin Chemnitz

"Common Man"

Stuart Floyd

Jay D.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther's Views on St. Augustine and Other Church Fathers: Contradictions, Falsehoods, and Dishonesty (+ Does Lutheranism = the Early Church?)

Lutheranism vs. Catholicism (Particularly Regarding Original Sin and Faith Alone, and Including Extensive Catholic Commentary on the Book of Concord) [the Smalcald Articles were written by Luther in 1537]

2 Corinthians 5:21: Was Jesus Christ Literally Made Sin on the Cross? Did He Suffer the Horrors of Damnation? Luther and Calvin vs. the Church Fathers

Martin Luther's Heretical Notion of Soul Sleep and Rejection of Purgatory and Prayers For the Dead Based on This Denial (+ William Tyndale Agrees)


Luther's Outrageous Assertions About Certain Biblical Books (Protestant Scholars' Opinions and "Debate" With John Warwick Montgomery)

Martin Luther's Violent, Inflammatory Rhetoric and its Relationship to the German Peasants' Revolt (1524-1525)

Martin Luther Lays the Groundwork for Cohabitation and Premarital Sex That is Not "Fornication"

The Irrational Antipathy of Luther, Calvin, and Other Protestants to Clerical Celibacy

Paul T. McCain (Contra-Catholic)

Ben Maton and Larry Nichols

Kristo Miettinen


Honor Thy Denominations Rather Than Thy Church Fathers? (Lutherans, Sola Scriptura, and the Fathers) (vs. "CPA" and Steve Parks)

Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue on Corpus Christi (Eucharistic Processions and Adoration)

Reply to Two Lutheran Pastors on Fundamental Misconceptions Regarding the Catholic Position on the Death Penalty (Including an Examination of the Lutheran "Two Kingdoms" Model of Church and State)

Reply to Two Lutheran Pastors on Fundamental Misconceptions Regarding the Catholic Position on the Death Penalty (Paul T. McCain and William Weedon)

Dialogue With Four Lutherans on Practical Common Ground With Regard to Justification and Salvation

Edward Reiss (Contra-Catholic)


Josh Strodtbeck (Contra-Catholic)


Reformed (Calvinist) / Presbyterians

Jeff Cagle

John Calvin

[Roman numerals = critique of Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book IV]

IV,1:1-2 [General Ecclesiology / the Elect / Denominations]

IV,1:3-5 [Denial of Infallibility / the Elect / Private Judgment / Absolute Necessity of the Church]

IV,1:6-12 [Synergism / Grace Alone / the Elect / True and Secondary Doctrines / Mass Apostasy]

IV,1:13-17 ["Puritanical" Fanaticism / Sinners in the Church / Communitarianism / Unity]

IV,1:18-23 [Schism / Sectarianism / Sanctification / Church and Forgiveness / Preaching Reconciliation]

IV,1:24-29 [God's Tremendous Mercy and Forgiving Nature / Sinners in the Church (entire agreement)]

IV,2:1 [Sacraments / Tradition / Sinners in the Church / Relative Doctrine / Indefectibility]

IV,2:2-3 [Indefectibility / Jews and the Church / The Mass / Apostolic Succession / Orthodoxy]

IV,2:4-9 [Empty Rhetoric / Sectarianism / St. Cyprian's Ecclesiology / Sacrifice of the Mass]

IV,2:10-12 [OT Church / Anti-Catholic Rhetoric / Catholic Remnants: Esp. Baptism / Pope as Antichrist]

IV,3:1-6 [Ordination / Church Offices / No Priesthood / Symbolic Eucharist]

IV,3:7-16 [Bishops' Relationship to Pastors and Elders / Hierarchy / Vocation / St. Paul's Call]

IV,4:1-4 [Early Church's and Jerome's Ecclesiology / Binding Authority / Papacy in the Early Church]

IV,4:5-8 [Ancient Church Care for the Poor vs. Early Protestant Theft of Churches and Neglect for Poor]

IV,4:9-15 [Clerical Celibacy / Hierarchy / Popular Approval of Bishops / "Reformers'" Authority (?)]

IV,5:1-10 [16th c. Corruption and Solutions / Bishops / Protestant Theft of Churches / Monasticism]

IV,5:11-19 [Corruption / Boy-Bishops and Boy-Kings / Church Buildings / Concern for the Poor]

IV,6:1-7 [Primacy of the Roman See / Biblical and Patristic Basis for the Papacy / Paul and Peter]

IV,6:8-14 [Papal Primacy and Succession / Paul and Peter / Why Rome? / St. Peter in Rome]

IV,6:15-17 [Peter as Bishop of Rome / Primacy of the Roman See / The Early Church and the Papacy]

IV,7:1-2 [Popes and Early Ecumenical Councils / "Robber Council" of 449 / Pope St. Leo the Great]

IV,7:3-4 [Fathers (Esp. Jerome) and the Papacy / Titles / Gregory the Great "Universal Bishop" Dispute]

IV,7:5-9 [Roman Claims and Their Origins / Roman Ordination / Popes and Other Bishops: Equals?]

IV,7:10-11 [Constantine and the Councils of Rome and Arles / False Decretals / Bishops' Jurisdiction]

IV,7:12-13 [Gregory the Great's Assertions of Papal Supremacy / Protestant State-Churches]

IV,7:14-17 [Pope Innocent I / Constantinople and Rome / Phocas / Pepin / Calvin's Arbitrary Authority]

IV,7:18-21 [St. Bernard and the Papacy / Calvin's Extreme Anti-Papalism / Pope as "Head"]

IV,7:22-24 [Corruption = Ditch the Papacy? / St. Bernard a Protestant? / Papal Defectibility?]

IV,7:25-30 [Pope as Antichrist and God / Bad Popes and Defectibility / Pope John XXII and Beatific Vision]

IV,8:1-9 [Churchmen Represent God / Tradition and Succession / OT Analogies / Apostolic Deposit]

IV,8:10-16 [Calvin's Anti-Catholic Propagandizing / Radical Individualism / Tradition and the Bible]

IV,9:1-7 [Nature of Councils / Bible and Tradition / OT Corruption and "Sin" Argument / Pope = God?]

IV,9:8-14 [Conciliar Authority / Proposed Conciliar Errors and Contradictions / Images and Idolatry]

IV,10:1-7 [Polemics About Church Laws and Authority / Christian Conscience / God: Only Lawgiver?]

IV,10:8-16 [Mass: False Worship? / "Human" Laws (and "Works") / Legalism / Ceremonies / Sacraments]

IV,10:17-18 [Tradition / Doctrinal Development vs. "Inventions" / Sacrificial Worship vs. Obedience?]

IV,10:19-26 [Corrupt Worship? / Holy Water / Jerusalem Council / Friday Abstinence / "Inventions"]

IV,10:27-32 [Church Laws / Calvinist Ecclesiology / Eucharist "Demoted" / "Clearness" of Scripture]

IV,11:1-8 [Church Polity / Binding, Loosing, and Excommunication / Calvin and Killing of Heretics]

IV,11:9-16 [Church and State / Caesaropapism / Donation of Constantine / Pope Gregory VII / Bishops]

IV,12:1-13 [Church Discipline / Genevan Autocracy / Penance (in Effect) / Sinners and the Church]

IV,12:14-28 [Fasting / Penance / Lent / Universal Catholic Hypocrisy? / Celibacy of Priests]

IV,13:1-10 [Vows (esp. Celibacy) / Abstinence from Wine / Holy Days / Monk's Life / It's "Reform"?]

IV,13:11-21 [Evangelical Counsels / Monasticism / Hermits / Orders / Corruption and Sin / Celibacy]

IV,14:1-9 [Sacraments: Definitions and the Fathers / Ignorant Catholics? / Baptismal Regeneration]

IV,14:10-14 [Merit / Pelagianism / Human Cooperation / Sacraments, Salvation, and the Church Fathers]

IV,14:15 [Ex Opere Operato / St. Augustine's and Catholic View of Sacraments vs. Calvin]

IV,14:16-26 [Sacraments (General) / Two Sacraments Only? / Sign and Seal Only? / Circumcision]

IV,15:1-9 [Baptismal Regeneration (?) / Instant, Assured Salvation (?) / Penance / John's Baptism]

IV,15:10-22 [Baptismal Effects / Fathers and Baptism / Sanctification / Catholic Baptism / Zipporah]

IV,16:1-17 [Agreement on Infant Baptism / Circumcision Analogy / Covenant Theology and the Jews]

IV,16:18-32 [Agreement on Infant Baptism / Circumcision Analogy / John 3:5: Does it Refer to Baptism?]

IV,17:1-10 [Eucharist: Incarnation and Realism vs. Calvin's Incoherent, Illogical Symbolism and Mysticism]

IV,17:11-13 [Eucharist: Transubstantiation / Heretical Precedent / Body of Christ / Local Presence]

IV,17:14-15 [Eucharist: Fathers and Transubstantiation / Analogies: Baptism, Passover, and Moses' Rod]

IV,17:16-23 [Eucharist: Calvin vs. Lutheranism / Ubiquity and Locality / Symbolism, Signs, and Confusion]

IV,17:24-28 [Eucharist: Calvin's Rationalism, Lack of Faith, and Nestorianism / Indwelling / Augustine]

IV,17:29 [Eucharist: Jesus' Omnipresence and Two Natures / Calvin's Flawed Christology / Tertullian]

IV,17:30-37 [Eucharist: Types of "Presence" / St. Augustine / Adoration / The Temple / Idolatry]

IV,17:38-43 [Eucharist: Calvin's Docetism / Theosis / Consensus Tigurinus / Self-Examination]

IV,17:44-50 [Eucharist: Frequent Reception and in One Kind / Do Catholics Hate Scripture? / Priests]

IV,18:1-4 [Sacrifice of the Mass: Priesthood and Altars in the NT / Cross: "Once for All" / Timeless]

IV,18:5-9 [Sacrifice of the Mass: Many Deaths? / Pelagianism? / Private Masses / Church Fathers]

IV,18:10-20 [Sacrifice of the Mass: Fathers on Priesthood and the Mass / Christ-Murderers? / Insults]

IV,19:1-3 [Seven Sacraments: Definitions and Essential Criteria / The Fathers (Especially Augustine) ]

IV,19:4-13 [Confirmation: in the Fathers and in Biblical Proofs / Laying on of Hands / Anointing Oil]

IV,19:14-21 [Sacraments of Penance and Anointing / Calvin's Anti-Supernaturalism and Lack of Faith]

IV,19:22-33 [Holy Orders: Exorcism / Tonsure / Anti-Miracles / Disparaging of the OT and the Law]

IV,19:34-37 [Holy Matrimony: the Fathers and the Bible / Calvin's Groundless Opposition to Celibacy]

When Did the Pope Become Antichrist?
1 Corinthians 3:9 and John Calvin's Distorted Understanding of the Council of Trent's Doctrine of Grace

Calvin, Supralapsarianism, and God's Sovereignty

Biblical Evidence for Baptismal Regeneration vs. John Calvin's "Sign and Seal"

John Calvin Rails Against Catholic Boy-Bishops, Then Praises Nine-Year-Old King Edward VI, Supreme Head of the Church of England


Dialogue With a Calvinist on Crucifixes: Abominable Idols or Aids for Devotion to Christ?

Gary DeMar

"Free Grace" (Anti-Catholic)

Tim Gallant

Steve Hays (Anti-Catholic)

Kevin D. Johnson (Anti-Catholic)


Phillip Johnson (Anti-Catholic)


Josh G.

David T. King (Anti-Catholic)

Peter J. Leithart

Paul Mansbacher (Anti-Catholic)

Keith Mathison (Anti-Catholic)


Catholic vs. Protestant Conceptions of the Meaning and Consequences of Private Judgment (Including Lengthy Citations From Reformed Protestants Arthur W. Pink, Archibald Bruce, and Charles Hodge, Four Protestant Confessions, and Catholic John Henry Newman)

Apostolic Succession Based on Biblical Data / Supposed "Prooftexting" and Protestant Reluctance to Discuss Bible Text Interpretations With Catholics

James White's "Doctorate" Degree: Is it Legitimate? (vs. James White and Mark Bainter)

Dialogue on John Calvin's Mystical Eucharist (+ Part II) (vs. Josh and Michael S. Horton and Alastair Roberts and John Calvin)

Dr. John Ortberg

Peter Pike (Anti-Catholic)


Fruitful Discussion With a Protestant About the Definition of Anti-Catholicism, Knowing Jesus Personally, and Constructive Dialogue

Dialogue With a Calvinist on Whether Total Depravity, Limited Atonement, and Irresistible Grace Are True (I.e., Biblical) and Also Part of the Gospel

Dialogue With a Calvinist on Whether God Predestines the Damned to Hell From All Eternity, Limited Atonement, and Total Depravity (Tons of Scripture!)

Dialogue With a Calvinist on Whether it is Possible to Fall Away from Grace or Salvation

Dialogue With a Calvinist About the Propriety of Calling Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and About Socratic Method and the Nature of True Dialogue

Mary as a Guide and Model of Holiness: Mutual Monologues With Several Protestants, Plus a Real Dialogue With Calvinist Pilgrimsarbour

Monergism as a Characteristic of Initial Justification: Documented from Trent, Vatican I, and The Catechism of the Catholic Church

David W. Ponter (Anti-Catholic)

Alastair Roberts

"Romans 45" (Anti-Catholic)

"Saint and Sinner" (Anti-Catholic)

"Turretinfan" (Anti-Catholic)

William Webster (Anti-Catholic)

Douglas Wilson (Contra-Catholic)

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Orthodox Catholics
Liberal, Dissident Catholics
"Traditionalist" Catholics (Self-Defined)


Jehovah's Witnesses




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