Friday, September 18, 2009

Information on 100% Tax-Deductible Donations to This Apostolate



I have made arrangements with my associate John Martignoni, President of the Bible Christian Society (fellow apologist and radio host on EWTN), to receive 100% tax-deductible, secure credit card and bank account donations via his website. Just follow the link from the banner below (and be sure to check out his free offerings while you are there).

Very Important: a donation of this sort must be accompanied by an e-mail to John:

john [at] biblechristiansociety [dot] com

stating that "Dave Armstrong is the intended recipient". Otherwise, it'll be indistinguishable from any other donation to Bible Christian Society
. I know that this is a little extra hassle, but it's so you can receive the tax deduction, and John will know that it is intended for me.


Personal checks for this purpose are made out to "Bible Christian Society" (any checks from outside the US must be in "US funds") and mailed directly to me. You need to send me an e-mail (with the word "donation" in the title) so I can give you my home address to send it to (I don't want to list it online).


If a tax deduction is not needed, or if you are from a country other than the united States, or for convenience purposes, you can also donate via PayPal: (my account over there is called "Catholic Used Book Service" due to my business ten years ago):


My approach is to simply make needs known and leave it to the Holy Spirit to convict people's hearts if indeed they are led to support my apostolate. I truly don't want to accept anyone's donation if they don't fully believe in the importance and value of this apostolate of Catholic apologetics.  

This is a legitimate lay apostolate and outreach: highly encouraged by the Church in Vatican II and many papal documents about the laity. My first book has a Foreword from Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J. (who may one day be proclaimed a saint; his cause is in process), and my work is recommended by many well-known Catholic apologists, priests, and others in the Church. You can be confident that it is solid and orthodox.

I don't have to pay building rental fees, employee salaries, radio and television costs, all kinds of overhead, advertising, magazine production, and various other expenses. I don't have the benefit of generous remuneration for talks given around the country. I just write (and write and write!).

I think it is accurate to say that I offer the most wide-ranging, comprehensive selection of Catholic apologetics available online (for free: no one pays a cent to read my blog), in addition to my books. It's been literally a constant labor of love since I began my website in early 1997.
It's now been visited by more than 2.2 million people since February 2004 (actual Site Meter figures). 

Many hundreds have cited my writing (see many examples) as an influence in their conversion to Catholicism or renewed commitment to and enthusiasm for the Catholic faith (and those are only the ones who have communicated about it). That's a matter of record. You yourself may have even been aided in this fashion by my writing (and at relatively little or no cost). 

Writing and effective apologetics are not easy, and, as always, "the harvest is ready and the laborers are few." We have a powerful Enemy who wars against us, and we have many dedicated opponents, who oppose Catholic teaching, out of ignorance or hostility, for whatever reason. Spiritual warfare is an ever-present reality.
I've been very frank with you and am humbly asking for your help if you see fit to support this educational apostolate of Catholic apologetics, catechesis, and evangelism. You can be part of this effective, successful mission! May God abundantly bless you with all good things!

Updated on 4 September 2013. 

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