Sunday, August 23, 2009

Contra-Catholicism (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


[Explanatory Note: contra-Catholics or what I have also called quasi-anti-Catholics think Catholics are Christians and that Catholicism is theologically a species of Christianity. But they expend much intellectual energy and effort bashing and distorting Catholicism (i.e., that Church headed by the pope in Rome) and its history, and personally attacking Catholic apologists and converts (the folks most often in their doghouse, and particular targets of vitriol). Thus, there is great similarity in mentality, emphases, polemics, etc., with (what we very frequently observe in the behavior of) the anti-Catholic, while technically, contra-Catholics must be categorized separately, since they do not outright deny that Catholicism is a Christian system of theology, as anti-Catholics do. Both groups also share the similarity of self-definition being determined primarily by an opposing stance toward something else (Catholicism). Both exhibit a reactionary mindset, rather than a proactive approach of presenting what they believe to be true in their own theological systems, or defense of same. Their rhetoric and polemics are almost always directed toward the big boogeyman: the Catholic Church]

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