Friday, September 04, 2009

Calvinist and Arminian Witnessing: A Lighthearted Humorous Diversion (With All Due Respect)

And I hasten to add that I did a ton of street witnessing during my evangelical days (e.g., ten straight years in the 80s at the Ann Arbor Art Fair), because I was an apologist and evangelist then, too (have been since 1981). I never witnessed like the Calvinist does in these videos (and I note that it is stereotypical humor and not representative of all Calvinists by any means, but the theology is accurate), because I was Arminian (and am a Molinist now, which is similar in many ways). I never did it like the Arminian guy, either, because I would have thought his method (like the Calvinist guy) was cliched and hackneyed, and would have thought the gospel shouldn't be reduced to simplistic slogans and suchlike. I should observe, too, that I rarely encountered Calvinist evangelists at any time. Virtually anyone I ever met who was out witnessing (whether before I was doing it myself or after) was Arminian (far as I could tell).

I've always loved satire. These videos are very well done, I think, and extremely funny. I do some satire myself on occasion. I used to love watching Saturday Night Live and Monty Python, and in the Christian world there was The Wittenberg Door and The Onion and so forth (not to mention Muggeridge, Chesterton, Swift, St. Thomas More, Erasmus, Luther, and many Christian satirists throughout history). My old friend Dan Grajek and I were writing (sometimes) satirical tracts (as evangelical Protestants) before anyone ever heard of Rush Limbaugh and his "illustrating the absurd by being absurd." We gotta laugh at ourselves, too. It's healthy and mitigates against pride.

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Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

I love the part when he says...

Did he just say might?

and then the response:

"It's true."