Friday, January 16, 2009

Fr. Peter Stravinskas' Review of My Luther Book in The Catholic Response

Read an interview with the eminent priest, scholar, author, editor, and apologist, Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas at Ignatius Insight. It contains excellent advice to apologists and insightful commentary on the true nature and goal of apologetics.

This appeared in the January / February 2009 issue of The Catholic Response (Vol. V, No. 4). I have reproduced the entire short review, from pp. 31-32:

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Dave Armstrong, Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise. 254 pp; $16.92. Available from:

The author is a fine apologist and has often demonstrated how Luther (and other Reformers) were much more Catholic than their spiritual heirs today. In scholarly, critical, and ecumenical fashion, the reader is led through the theological musings of a very complex and confused/confusing man. Where Catholic truth is at stake, Luther's inadequacies are highlighted; where there is coincidence, that is happily shown. Particularly worthwhile is the treatment of Luther's Eucharistic theology and his Mariology, where contemporary Protestants could profit greatly from their spiritual forefather.

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