Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High Comedy Time: Anti-Catholic Pipe Dreamer on Why One Must Never Debate Catholic Apologists

Flee in terror, fellow papists, from your unvanquishable anti-Catholic Protestant overlords. Don't dare debate theology with 'em! You don't stand a chance!

This is an absolute classic of self-delusion (not to be missed), from one of our Protestant friends at the large CARM forum. Just for fun and a few minutes' diversion, I'll give a brief reply to the ten points: how they don't apply in my case (being an apologist meself) at all:

1) My entire apostolate is based on heavy emphasis of "biblical evidence for Catholicism" -- especially when dialoguing with Protestants.

2) I don't need to paste from anyone else, cuz I got all that's needed to answer the common Protestant contra-Catholic arguments here, in more than 1950 papers, as of writing. When my opponents (above all, the anti-Catholic ones) give a supposed "scriptural refutation" I counter-reply, in which case they quite often cease the discussion. In fact, this happened in my last such encounter, posted just four days ago.

The same thing happened in historical discussions (that is, back when I still bothered with these guys), such as the famous one with Jason Engwer on the Church fathers (Part one / part two / part three / part four). This was held, by the way, on the CARM board (with great ballyhoo). Jason fled when we had discussed but four of the ten Church fathers brought out initially by him as supposed adherents of sola Scriptura. Apparently, historical facts became too much for Jason and he just couldn't handle it anymore.

3) I've never accused any opponent of hate, to my recollection, but I've been accused of hating anti-Catholics many times, particularly by James White. The Anonymous One ("TAO"), for example, an active Internet anti-Catholic, wrote this about my friend Steve Ray:

Yes, Steve Ray hates James White - that's easy enough to see. It's also easy to see why Steve Ray hates James White, and that is because Dr. White preaches the Truth and exposes the errors and delusions of Rome.
May we all be labelled and despised by those who hate the truth, but May God be praised whose servants we are, for whose sake we endure these things, To God be the Glory!
( 9-24-07 )

Note Bishop James White's extreme paranoia, when writing about a Protestant who isn't an anti-Catholic like he is (Dr. Paul Owen):

I know it would be the first time in like eleven years you did not define your entire life by your hatred of me, but believe me, it would be good for you! :-)

( 2-28-07 )

. . . or about entire classes of folks (no paranoia or exaggerated self-importance here!):

That someone would be so desperate as to spend their time and their money in this fashion is glowing testimony that despite all the venomous hatred spewed my direction by the hoi polloi in the CA Forums, Envoy Forums, Jimmy Akin's blog, etc., they well know that it is not the Jack Chicks of the world, the Dave Hunts of the world, that challenge them. No, they know that all their proclamations of victorious defense of Mother Church are only convincing as long as they stay far, far away from www.aomin.org and the documented, reasoned, compelling argumentation against Rome's claims to be found there.

( 8-8-07 )

Didja know that Jimmy Akin's blog-readers hate Protestants en masse?:

Akin pretends expertise in these areas he simply does not possess, and makes his living off of so doing. He needs means by which to avoid having to be exposed before his audience on matters such as these, and he has chosen to fan the flames of angry and venomous hatred of his audience against (note the irony here) his "separated brethren" so as to provide himself "cover."
( 8-9-07 )

4) I generally utilize Protestant lexicons and commentaries (especially in my books) to bolster interpretations of Bible passages that I am setting forth, thus undercutting this charge.

5) To the contrary, it is a frequent occurrence that anti-Catholics either redefine or falsely understand the definition of words. I've often appealed to the dictionary in my debates.

6) No one uses the moving target / 1001 rabbit trails / slippery fish technique more than anti-Catholics. I never do. I'm almost notorious for demanding adherence to one topic, so something constructive can be accomplished.

7) I don't have to bother even arguing this one, since Scripture itself teaches that it isn't the only source of true apostolic teaching.

8) I think biblical Christianity began with the Bible, and that the Bible is far more consistent with Catholicism than any form of Protestantism. I do critique Martin Luther's opinions because he critiqued Catholic opinions. Goose and gander. Table-turning. What's wrong with that, pray tell?

9) I don't stalk anyone. I don't even put any personal pressure on them to become a Catholic. This has been attested many times by those who knew me as Protestants and later became Catholics. I simply make my arguments and let the chips fall where they may. Possible conversion is the job of the Holy Spirit, not ultimately myself or any human being. I've observed hundreds of folks convert or come back to the Catholic Church, though; all glory to God.

10) Right. I've observed this many times; have never resorted to such a ridiculous technique myself.

A nutcase cited in this post writes: "
I've never debated a Catholic apologist who did not quickly run over to these techniques." He's obviously never met me, then, which means that he hasn't looked very hard in the Catholic apologetics world on the Internet, because my papers are all over Google, and I've been around for eleven years online, very active in debating Protesants. Since none of these ten points apply to me (and not to any true Catholic apologist that I've never known), his claim fails.

Seven anti-Catholic Protestant apologists or polemicists, however, including the head of CARM, Matt Slick, and His Eminence, the Right Reverend Bishop James White (twice) have refused to engage in a simple live chat debate with me in a chat room (double cross-examination format). That doesn't sound to me like we Catholic apologists are in abject fear of the intellectual, theological, and debating prowess of anti-Catholics. What a joke! But it did provide some great humor this night. I hope you savor the silliness of this as much as I did.

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