Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catholic Resources on Mormonism (Links)

By Dave Armstrong (5-27-08)

Website: Questions to Gospel Answers (Owen D. West, III)

Blog: Transporter Info Services (Steve Clifford; link to Mormonism section)

Blog: Defensor Veritatis (Brad Haas)

Blog: Mormon2Catholic (Cynthia)

Yahoo Discussion Group: "Catholic Ex-Mormons"

Catholic-Mormon Podcast With Sarah and Rob

Book: Inside Mormonism, Isaiah Bennett

Book: When Mormons Call, Isaiah Bennett

Articles on Mormonism (Catholic Answers)


Articles on Mormonism (EWTN)

Articles on Mormonism (Catholic Culture site)

Mormon to Catholic conversion stories: written and audio (scroll down to alphabetical "Mormon" category on the left)

Catholic Encyclopedia: "Mormons"

"Catholic priest was once Mormon" (Matt C. Abbott; about Fr. Martin G. Heinz)

The First "Catholic / Mormon" Dialogue (Pat Madrid and Elder Gary Coleman: audio)

The Second "Catholic / Mormon" Dialogue (Pat Madrid and Frank Bradshaw; audio)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry (probably the best and most thorough Protestant outreach to and critique of Mormonism: Jerald and Sandra Tanner)

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