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Biblical Evidence For the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Ordination)

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[this information is now available only in chapter 2 of my book, Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths]

The Power of Priests to Bind and Loose (Impose Penance and Grant Absolution)

[9 passages]

Disciples (Proto-Priests) as Direct Representatives of Jesus

[4 passages]

Disciples and Apostles (Proto-Priests) Are Called and Chosen (Vocation) By Jesus or the Holy Spirit

[28 passages]

Disciples and Apostles (
Proto-Priests) Are "Sent" By Jesus or the Holy Spirit, and Given Authority

[22 passages]

Disciples and Apostles (Proto-Priests) Preside Over the Eucharist and the Mass

[7 passages]

The Church Calls, Commissions, and Sends Men Out to Do the Work of Ministry

[16 passages]

Laying on of Hands For Ordaining and Calling Ministers of God

[5 passages]

Apostolic Succession

[3 passages]

Sacrificial Nature of Ministry / Persecution

[31 passages]

Celibacy For the Sake of Undistracted Devotion to the Lord

[2 passages]

God's Fellow Workers For the Kingdom

[8 passages]

God's Servants

[17 passages]

God's Ministers Entitled to Pay

[3 passages]

Priests as Dispensers of Sacraments

[1 passage]

See also: Catechism of the Catholic Church: #897, 1113, 1119, 1210, 1461, 1536-45, 1554-1599

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