Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wholehearted Apology to My Readers and Retraction Regarding Martin Luther's Supposedly Heretical Status

It's always good to directly face these situations of regret and retraction and repentance.

Seeing that I have written quite a bit about Martin Luther, and:

Seeing that the matter in question has been accurately reported by the mainstream media (which obviously can't be wrong or biased against the Catholic Church or any other Christian communion, and which has a sterling track record in that regard), and:

Seeing that the noble, always-concerned-about-truth media has informed us that our Holy Father (our great German Shepherd) is about to rescind the Catholic judgment of Luther as a heretic, and:

Seeing that a a highly reputable Protestant ministry and loving outreach to lost and confused Catholics (led by a highly esteemed bishop, no less) has charitably and meticulously verified and substantiated this news report (helpfully offering further hard evidence of its accuracy), and:

Seeing that the latter was kind enough to mention (in loving rebuke) my meager efforts to critique Martin Luther and argue that he was indeed a heretic (at 1:29 and 4:31 in his gracious You Tube presentation), and:

Seeing that the same person has graciously acknowledged how quickly I retract things when shown to be wrong (see the first sentence), and:

Seeing that there is nowhere else to go (being thoroughly refuted at every turn), than to humbly acknowledge revealed truth,

I do hereby repent and retract my false assertions, and proclaim with great joy, that Martin Luther is a good Catholic, who taught nothing that contradicts Catholic doctrine and dogma, and who indeed has been terribly besmirched and misunderstood by Catholics for these past 500 years.

Please forgive me. I'll try to do better next time. Thank God for my anti-Catholic Protestant colleagues and overlords: one of whom loved me enough to charitably correct me and save me from further lamentable excesses. What would I do without them? God bless you guys!

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