Thursday, March 27, 2008

30+ Catholic Radio Stations and Networks With Live Internet Streaming

Ave Maria Radio (Ann Arbor, MI)

Catholic Internet Radio / IHS Network (Pennsylvania)

Catholic Radio Network (Wichita, KS)

Covenant Network (St. Louis, MO)

Divine Word Radio (Pensacola, FL)

EWTN Radio and TV (Alabama)

EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network Affiliates (listing)

Good Company: Easy Listening Catholic Radio (Corpus Christi, TX)

Guadalupe Radio Network (Midland, TX)

Holy Family Radio / WLCR (Louisville, KY)

Holy Radio (Elkhart, IN)

Immaculate Heart Radio (Fair Oaks, CA)

Indianapolis Catholic Radio

Mediatrix Radio in South Carolina

Michigan Catholic Radio (Detroit area) ("Pop Rock Music with a message of Catholicism")

Queen of Peace Radio (Jacksonville, FL)

Real Life Radio (Lexington, KY)

Redeemer Radio (Fort Wayne, IN)

Relevant Radio (Green Bay, WI)

The Rock (Tallahassee, FL)

Sacred Heart Radio (Cincinnati, OH)

Spirit Catholic Radio (Omaha, NE)

St. Gabriel Communications (Sioux City, IA)

St. Gabriel Radio (Columbus, OH)

St. Joseph Radio (Orange, CA)

The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio (Williamsville, NY)

Truth 103 (Bloomington, IL)

Vatican Radio (Rome)

Walking on Water Radio (Conneaut, OH)

Washington Catholic Radio (Arlington, VA)


Catholic Music

Old Time Radio Shows (free)



Mobile said...

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Catholic Radio in SC said...

Thank you for including Mediatrix Radio, Catholic Radio in South Carolina, on your list of stations that present the Truth of the Catholic Faith. However, your link goes to a site that is not ours. In fact, that site is not associated with our broadcast at all. Please change the link to Note that it is Catholic Radio IN SC...not just "sc" Thanks.

Dave Armstrong said...

Done. Thanks!