Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mary as Ark of the Covenant, in the Church Fathers and the Bible (Links)

By Dave Armstrong (2-27-08; updated on 11 March 2015)

I was asked on the CHNI board about patristic support for this analogical notion, and ran across a great and helpful compilation of quotes from the Church fathers, from my friend Steve Ray. His post on the topic includes also a general article and a six-minute audio clip. See also related materials:

Ark of the New Covenant (Patrick Madrid: This Rock, Dec. 1991) [all Internet Archive links]

The Blessed Virgin Mary (Scripture Catholic: see Section II)

Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant (Steve Ray: This Rock, October 2005) [all Internet Archive links]

Mary: The Ark of the New Covenant (Sonja Corbitt; Catholic Online)

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Martin said...

Hi DA, I was trying to follow the link for the Word doc and it seems broken.

Dave Armstrong said...

I fixed it, and added a few new links too. Constantly changing links will be the death of me!

Martin said...

Wow. Thanks, that's a very nice list of quotes.