Saturday, January 19, 2008

U.S. Abortions Have Been Reduced By 25% Since 1990

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March For Life in Washington, D.C.: 22 January 2007
(my oldest son will be going to this year's event in a few days; I've been there twice)

Praise God! Still a long way to go, but approximately 400,000 children (based on past statistics) have been saved from the butchers' knives and vacuum cleaners. See an article from


Phillip said...

I sincerely hope that the abortion rate declined due to anti-abortion efforts and an increased awareness of Christian chastity. I suspect that another cause in the decline is due to an increase in science's effectiveness of chemical abortificants which is a distressing thought for me. I will continue to spread the Churches views on chastity through abstinence and marital chastity with the use of NFP. In cases of rape, too often the victim makes a subsequent fetus a dual victim. It is first the secondary victim of the rapist, for making the baby wrongfully, and that of the mother for choosing to abort the fragile victim. Why someone chooses to make an ultimate victim of the most innocent through murder is incomprehensible to me. I pray that all victimized women nurture and sustain the victim within that the two victims may embrace and weep face to face in consolation of shared pain and in tears of mutual joy in each other. Amen.

Dave Armstrong said...

An eloquent pro-life statement. Thanks.