Friday, January 25, 2008

Sexual and Pornographic Addiction Recovery Resources (Links)

By Dave Armstrong (1-25-08)

If you, reading this, are a sexual or pornography addict, I want to tell you that God loves you very much. He is merciful and longsuffering and wants to see you liberated from the addiction and set free. He doesn't hate you at all, but He hates the sin that holds you in bondage, because that is not what He created you to be and to do.

Remember, this is the God Who chose to make an eternal covenant with David, who was a murderer as well as an adulterer. God knew all this (since He knows everything and is out of time), yet He chose David anyway and called him "a man after God's own heart." God used Rahab the harlot and the murderers Moses and Paul. He made a cowardly weakling who betrayed Jesus three times the leader of His Church. Jesus immediately forgave the woman caught in adultery, when the Pharisees wanted to stone her (and under the Law, they could rightly have done so). God doesn't give up on people, but they sometimes give up on Him.

Addiction is a particularly difficult and complex problem. The addicted person isn't even totally free in what he does, so in a sense the semi-involuntary nature of the thing one is addicted to is not as blameworthy as, say, a premeditated plot to do some evil.

The sexual or pornography addict must come to a place, like an alcoholic or heroin addict, where they decide they have had enough of the destructive price of sin, and want to change their life. The addict can decide this. People will help. God will pour out His blessing and grace, upon a decision to do this. It's a wonderful place of opportunity: a great place to be: to decide to take back your life and to stop giving in to temptation and lust. Sadly, many people never get to this crossroads of repentance and positive decision. The first step to recovery (from anything) is recognizing that one has a problem to resolve.

If you are reading this now and suffer from addiction, chances are God is already at work in you to help you realize that there is a problem; that you are in a mess and going downhill fast. There is a way out of it. He gave you the conscience to recognize that all is not right, and that this is not the way to a happy and fulfilled life. You can decide right now to start doing something about that, and to make a change for the better. God will give you grace; people who have gone through similar experiences are waiting right now to assist and help you. Check out the following resources:


Catholic Support Group For Sexual Addiction Recovery (CSGSAR)

[Internet discussion board] / St. Joseph Covenant Keepers Recommended Resources

Family Life Center International Resources

Treatment and Healing of Sexual and Pornographic Addictions, Dr. Victor B. Cline

12-Step Recovery Groups 

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexual Recovery Anonymous

See also this article about 12-step programs with regard to sexual addiction.

Secular Resources

Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) overview

General Christian Resources

Be Broken Ministries

Mastering Life Ministries

Pure Intimacy (from Focus on the Family)

RSA Ministries ("Christ-Centered 12-Step Recovery")

Books on Sexual Addiction (mostly Christian)

Christians in Recovery

Sexual Addiction FAQ


faithhopeandluv143 said...

Thank you for this post. As a wife to a recovering porn addict (he's under the GreatnessAhead program), your words deeply encouraged me to understand my husband's addiction and it inspired me to fight for him and our marriage. All the best.

Dave Armstrong said...

I'm delighted that you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and God bless! There's always hope.