Saturday, January 12, 2008

Absolute Anti-Catholic Foolishness: Lay Catholics Can Never Teach (Steve Hays & Gene M. Bridges)

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Steve Hays spends yet another Sunday at the local watering-hole, to come up with new ways to sling mud, with Gene M. Bridges and Paul Manata (jumping)

Anti-Catholic luminary Steve Hays wrote an idiotic post questioning my credentials to give any spiritual or theological advice whatsoever, simply because I am not a bishop or a pope (or even a priest), as if no Catholic lay person can do such a thing at all (according to our supposed authority-structure in matters of teaching). Others made utterly ignorant, vapid remarks about it (and I assure my readers, no other softer words will do these statements justice):
Paul Manata: one / two

Gene M. Bridges (still smarting from the embarrassment of his last "scholarly" performance): one / two

Steve Hays: one / two / three
I was dumb and naive enough to write a two-part rational, factual reply to this sheer nonsense (one / two). When will I ever learn? Then Steve Hays "replied" with yet another ludicrous, extraordinarily irrational, empty-headed post.

This sewer scum doesn't deserve any further consideration. I only note it for the record as an amazing example of what Malcolm Muggeridge used to call "unresisting imbecility" and for humorous value. If one doesn't read what (active, prolific, polemical, adversarial) anti-Catholics actually do when confronted with incontrovertible fact (and I'm not even talking about theology proper in this instance), then they won't understand how absolutely ridiculous and hostile they often are, when dealing with anything remotely Catholic. It's a real eye-opener for those who don't realize that doctrinal (not political) know-nothingism is alive and well in the good ole US of A.

Our only solace is that people who "think" (and that's stretching it) like this are in a tiny minority among our Protestant brethren: many, many of whom are fine, admirable, upstanding Christians. Thank heavens. I'm rapidly considering returning to my sometimes-policy of ignoring these clowns altogether. I highly doubt that I'll ever visit this nutburger site again, though I can't promise that I'll never fall into that odd curiosity that people have sometimes for the bizarre things of life.


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