Monday, November 26, 2007

Recommended Books for New or Prospective Catholic Converts

By Dave Armstrong (11-26-07)

The following three are all great introductions:

Catholic and Christian, Alan Schreck

The Spirit of Catholicism
, Karl Adam [online edition]
Evangelical is Not Enough, Thomas Howard

For a great analysis of many fundamental Protestant-Catholic differences, see:

The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism, Louis Bouyer

As to why we believe our doctrines are more biblical, there is my own book:

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism

For the crucial Bible and Tradition issue, I recommend Mark Shea's book, By What Authority
And for the same topic and also salvation / faith alone issues, see:

The Salvation Controversy, Jimmy Akin and Regis Martin

For a good book on baptism and the Eucharist, including a conversion story, see Steve Ray's Crossing the Tiber.

For questions about the Mass and Catholic liturgical matters, see:

The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You, Michael Dubruiel

The Bible and the Mass, Peter M.J. Stravinskas

Mass Appeal: The ABCs of Worship, Jimmy Akin

Also, conversion books are great. Surprised by Truth is a big bestseller, that has helped many people. There were two "sequels" too:

Surprised by Truth II

Surprised by Truth III

Anything by Scott Hahn or Pat Madrid or Peter Kreeft or Karl Keating would be good. Catholic radio host Al Kresta has written two very helpful "Q & A" or "FAQ"-type books:

Why Do Catholics Genuflect?: And Answers to Other Puzzling Questions About the Catholic Church

Why Are Catholics So Concerned About Sin?: More Answers to Puzzling Questions About the Catholic Church

G.K. Chesterton wrote a book called The Catholic Church and Conversion that is still relevant today [online version]

His book Orthodoxy also makes for great "introductory" material [online version]

Those would be my basic recommendations.

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