Thursday, November 01, 2007

My New Position at the Coming Home Network: Facilitator of Online Apologetics & CHNI Discussion Group

This all came about almost on a whim (ah, but God's Providence was clearly at work). I was looking for a new part-time job to supplement my (primarily twice a year) royalty income and the donations I occasionally receive. I thought it would be worth a shot to contact The Coming Home Network and see if they could use me at all, due to the obvious affinity of my work with their mission and outreach to potential Catholic converts. They expressed great interest, and my first day is today (the plan is 30 hours a week for now).

I have enthusiastically recommended CHNI for pastoral and more personal assistance on the bottom of my blog sidebar and my previous website for years, and I love their work. They, in turn, have helped to advertise and sell some of my books in their catalogue. I've fellowshiped with Marcus, Jim, Fr. Ray Ryland, and many others associated with CHNI in Steubenville, Ohio many times, while attending the Defending the Faith Conferences down there, at Franciscan University. Their offices are located in Zanesville, Ohio. I am able, by their kind arrangement, to work out of my home, since we are caring for three aged parents and very averse to relocating for that reason and others.

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I'll be doing moderation work on their discussion forums, will lead live chat discussions (a weekly one possibly occurring right after the The Journey Home television program airs), help to answer apologetic questions (especially the "tougher" or particularly -- for lack of a better word -- "stubborn" ones), participate in the Helpers' Network (inquirers and possible or new lay converts), assist Jim Anderson in various tasks, and may assist or appear on Marcus Grodi's radio show (Deep in Scripture) at times.

God is good. He provided my family's needs once again, as He has always done in the sometimes personally and financially difficult work of professional, vocational apologetics. And He has brought me together with like-minded folks in a mutually-beneficial relationship.

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