Friday, August 24, 2007

Two More Books Now In Paperback (Orthodoxy / General Apologetics)

Cover design (for both books and all my Lulu books) by Chad Toney

Intended as "general Christian reading" -- no Catholic distinctives presented

Purchase: paperback ($16.95) or PDF E-book ($3.00)

Table of Contents
[chapters 6, 7, and 10 are hyper-linked and can be read online. Some differences exist in the final book edit]


Chapter One: Why Believe in Christianity?
Chapter Two: Why Believe the Bible?: Archaeological, Prophetic, and Manuscript Evidences
Chapter Three: An Introduction to Bible Interpretation
Chapter Four: The Biblical Basis for Apologetics, or Defense of the Christian Faith
Chapter Five: Miracles, Skepticism, and the Historicity and Believability of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Chapter Six: Jesus is God: Biblical Proofs
Chapter Seven: The Holy Trinity: Biblical Proofs
Chapter Eight: God, Morality, Free Will, and Reason
Chapter Nine: The Biblical Evidence for an Eternal Hell
Chapter Ten: Reasons for Suffering and Encouragement and Hope in the Midst of It: A Biblical Compendium

Appendix One: An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity (Jonathan Edwards)
Appendix Two: The Strangest Story in the World (G.K. Chesterton)
Appendix Three: Sermon: On Divine Providence (John Wesley)
Appendix Four: The General Resurrection and Heaven (Charles Hodge)

Recommended Books: Christian Apologetics & Philosophy
[285 books listed, under 20 categories; perhaps the most extensive and up-to-date general Christian apologetics bibliography anywhere]

Purchase: paperback ($16.95) or PDF E-book ($3.00)

Table of Contents
[Chapter One is hyper-linked and can be read online; there may be some variation from the book version]


I The Basic Differences Summarized (p. 4)
II A Response to Orthodox Critiques of Catholic Ecclesiological Preeminence (p. 9)
III Theological Opinions on the Papacy Prior to 1054 in Both Eastern and Western Christianity (p. 42)
IV Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities (p. 77)
V The Tendency Towards Caesaropapism in the Byzantine Empire and Eastern Orthodoxy (p. 87)
VI Development of Doctrine in Orthodoxy and Catholicism: Different in Essence? (p. 110)
VII Do St. Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Other Catholic Thinkers Adopt an Unbiblical "Rationalism" Leading to a "Remote" or "Impersonal" God? (p. 116)
VIII Orthodoxy, Apologetics, and Ecumenism (p. 138)
IX Is Orthodoxy Immune From Dissent, Modernism, and Scandal? (p. 145)
X Orthodox Compromise on Divorce (p. 151)
XI Orthodox Sanctioning of Contraception (p. 173)

Appendix One St. Leo the Great on the Office of the Papacy (p. 182)
Appendix Two Orthodox Anti-Catholicism (p. 196)
Appendix Three The Filioque and the Eastern Church Fathers (p. 207)

* * * * *

Both books are also available (as they have been for some time) as part of the eleven-book package deal in either PDF or Word 2000, now able to be personally downloaded immediately after payment of $15 (see top of the blog for ordering links).

In all likelihood, shortly I will get my last remaining (two) books of 14 completed ones, into paperback, on Lulu. Many thanks again to my friend and excellent cover artist, Chad Toney, who also made me aware of Payloadz, that enabled me to offer immediately downloadable e-books. Many other possible books could (and probably will) be constructed from existing papers.

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