Friday, August 24, 2007

Eloquent Plea For Widespread Catholic Sunday School

See the superb article On-Fire Protestant or Lukewarm Catholic, by my good friend and ministry associate Dr. Stan Williams (a convert like myself).

I've always readily conceded that our esteemed Protestant brethren (i.e., the more orthodox and traditional ones: broadly defined as "evangelical") do a far, far better job than we do at education and the small-group paradigm (just as they do much better at individual Bible reading and evangelism, etc.). Having been in both camps, I know this very well from firsthand experience. We would do well to learn from their example in this regard.

There is nothing "un-Catholic" or liberal or compromised in either the notion of "Sunday School" itself or in learning from various successful practices and methodologies of Protestants. This (I hasten to add, anticipating the usual objection) is not a doctrinal controversy; it is a matter of practicality, pedagogy, and catechesis and even of (indirectly) human psychology and social psychology.

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