Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stereotypical Prejudice Illustrated by Analogy
In the discussion on Protestant social activist Chuck Colson's opinion that anti-Catholicism was occurring in the media due to five Catholic Supreme Court Justices voting the right way in opposing infanticide, I made the analogy (off the cuff, pretty much, but I stand by my argument because I have had this opinion for many many years) to the sports teams: (Cleveland) Indians, (Washington) Redskins, and (Atlanta; formerly Milwaukee) Braves.

That was objected to as insubstantial, as if it weren't prejudicial. So, to further the analogy, I found this clever little comic. I'm sure, there are Asians, black people (or literal Africans, as the case may be), and Hispanics reading this (American or not; I didn't do the hyphenated thing because not all my readers are Americans).

How would you feel if your ethnic group was portrayed in such a fashion for the purpose of sports teams and logos? Then try to put yourself in the shoes of the Native American (known by others and as a self-description as "American Indians").

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