Friday, May 11, 2007

Radio Talk on Jehovah's Witnesses From My Protestant Days (1989)

Dave Armstrong: October 1984

Another historic first for this blog: documented spoken-word apologetics from my evangelical Protestant period (1977-1990). This was an interview on the largest Protestant radio station in metro Detroit: WMUZ-FM (103.5 FM), on 3 November 1989, with a Protestant pastor, Emery Moss, who is a friend of a Baptist friend of mine, Martin Smith, with whom I still keep in contact (his brother is Jerome Smith, author / editor of Nelson's Cross-Reference Guide to the Bible: Illuminating God's Word Verse-by-Verse).

The show was part of the ministry out of the church of the very influential and respected Detroit pastor and valiant prayer warrior George Bogle (who is heard briefly at the end of the show). Actually, the same show remains on the air today, and I am (by a pleasant coincidence) listening to it right now as I am typing this.

I did extensive research on Jehovah's Witnesses from 1982 to 1987, eventually compiling a huge treatise (available online) designed to help Christians share true Christianity with these lost souls, deluded by the Arian heresy, that believes Jesus was created, rather than God the Son. See also a photograph of yours truly witnessing to Mormons at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, just a few months before this interview.

Other papers in my (1600 +) online collection from this period include extensive compilations of the biblical proofs for the divinity / deity of Jesus and the Holy Trinity, a refutation of the "name-it-claim-it" / hyper-faith" wing of pentecostalism, and a presentation of the gospel message (all from 1982). Another from the same year is Old Testament and Jewish Conceptions of the Messiah.

Here is the mp3 file of this radio talk (48 minutes long).

I've also uploaded the 28 minute interview version of my conversion story (9-8-97), from WDEO 990 AM, in Ann Arbor Michigan, with my friend Al Kresta (the transcript is already on my site). It is one of three times I have been on his radio talk show; the others were in 2002 (parts one / two /three / four) and 2004 (parts one / two); all available online for free.

I have some more material to add, and then I will create a "radio talks" page with all the links.

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