Monday, March 12, 2007

The Biblical, Primitive Papacy: St. Peter the "Rock": Scholarly Opinion (Mostly Protestant)

[now available only in Chapter Twelve of my book, Biblical Proofs for an Infallible Church and Papacy]



Kyle said...

Hi Dave, I am not sure if you know this yet but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere so I thought I would pass it on so you can add it to your list if you like. The New Geneva Study Bible now the Reformation Study Bible in its footnotes for Matt. 16 supports the position that Peter is the Rock. I do not have the text in front of me right now so I can not give you an exact quoit but it makes it quit clear and I think this is significant because RC Sproul is the general editor.

Dave Armstrong said...

That's pretty cool. Thanks for bringing it to my (and our) attention. It is becoming a more widespread opinion now. The grammar of the passage is very clear, I think.