Sunday, February 18, 2007

Six Massive Links-Pages Back Online Again / Ten Year Anniversary of My Original Website / The Old Website on Internet Archives

C.S. Lewis: my favorite author: I managed to find a photograph of him that I don't recall ever seeing.

When I was starting my transition (still in progress) of moving all my former website papers to my blog, I thought it was too great of a task to preserve these links-pages. But since then I have learned a few things, and it doesn't seem as difficult (not that I will be updating these links every two weeks, but anyway . . .).

These are some major web pages (in terms of sheer volume and scope of links). To give you an idea, I did a search on Google (on 11-4-06, just before removal), of simply the person's names, and (for the last one below) "Romantic Theology." Here is how high in the index listings my pages came up in listings on the Google results pages (the web pages below are linked if you'd like to see any of them):

C.S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight #7G.K. Chesterton: The "Colossal Genius" #6

Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman: The "Father" of the Second Vatican Council #2

Malcolm Muggeridge: The Iconoclast #1

Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.: Servant of God (1914-2000): A Tribute Page #2

Romantic and Imaginative Theology: Inklings of the World Beyond #1

The Lewis page contains over 500 links, the Romantic page more than 400, the Newman page 300 plus, and the Chesterton page at least 250. The Lewis, Chesterton, and Muggeridge pages have all been mentioned in the prominent evangelical Protestant magazine Christianity Today as worthwhile sources.

All six of these web pages were, to the best of my knowledge, the most extensive links-pages of their type on the Internet, bar none; sometimes with exponentially greater numbers of links than their nearest competitors. As the legendary baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean said, "it ain't braggin' if you can do it." Well, I did it, and facts is facts! If you're lookin' for material on any of these topics, you will find no other place online with as much information, and all linked for your convenience.

All were updated, with new links added and bad ones removed, about a year ago. So you get more links than anyone else provides, and the vast majority of them actually work, too! That's why I wanted to get these back online. I did a ton of work on them and so I want them to be available for my readers and other researchers who may stumble across them.

I would venture to say that these links-pages played a large role in the initial interest in my web page, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (it's now exactly ten years to the month since I put that up). I was trying to provide a "one-stop" place for Catholic apologetics. No one else had this amount of apologetics material, including both original papers and the many links (and that may still hold true today, for all I know, especially now that I have restored these pages and their combined 1600 + links).

Other sites and blogs may have snazzier graphics and gimmicks, but I have always been about content and educational material to feed the mind and soul. I make no excuses for that; it'll always be that way on this blog. That's either appreciated by folks or not. But it is what I am and what I do, and I never try to be anything other than what I am, and what God called me to do with my life. It may sound hokey, but that's exactly how I look at it.

If you'd like to see what my old web page looked like back in the "Internet Stone Age," here is the oldest remnant online of the old home page that I could find (19 May 2000; which is already more than three years since it began). You can see that the Newman, Lewis, Chesterton, and Muggeridge page were there then, and already quite extensive (they date back to the very beginning of my website). Most of the links on this Internet Archive page work, so you can navigate around a bit, to see some "vintage Armstrong apologetics and Internet history" if you have nothing better to do at the moment. :-)

Several of the web pages (of a more "hobby" nature, are no longer on my present blog. In those days, I had entire web pages devoted to Ireland, Scotland, and England, and the Middle Ages (with emphasis on Christian elements), classical music, nature photographs; even poetry. I had to cut back somewhere, though, given the large scope of what I was trying to accomplish.

It was so much fun in the early days of the Internet, first learning about it. I felt like a kid in a toy store, able to buy anything there. I've always been a sort of a nut about organizing things, so the Internet was a godsend in more ways than one. It made it possible for me to do apologetics as a vocation, and to become an author.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you who visits my pages (even my severe critics). May God abundantly bless you, and my hope and prayer is that you are edified and educated about something you didn't know before, during your visit, and that it is enjoyable and fun for you as well.

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