Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cor ad Cor Loquitur Passes Half-Million Visitors Mark

. . . as of today, per the Site Meter. Thanks for reading, all of you who made that "possible"!

This blog began on 2 February 2004, so it took just a little less than three years to get to 500,000 visitors. I believe 2004 was a leap year. So the total days the blog was up in 2004 would have been 334. The next two years added 730 more days. And this year is only 17 days old so far, for a grand total of 1081 days (I love doing statistics like this). Using the current figure on Site Meter of 500,094, that comes out to an average of 463 visitors a day for the entire [almost] three-year period.

That's not bad, considering that anti-Catholic luminary James White confidently predicted in January 2005, when I made my (some would say, "notorious") resolution to avoid attempted "dialogue" with anti-Catholics, that my blog would soon fade away to nothing, since (in his utterly incorrect judgment) all I supposedly do is deal with their own delightful brand of manufactured falsehoods. That has never at any time been true, and is far less so now (as any quick glance at all the subjects I write about, as catalogued on the upper right sidebar proves). Nevertheless, the illustrious Bishop White, oblivious to such a mundane, easily-verified factual matter, wrote on 5 April 2005:
Same fellow who then took an oath to stop interacting with "anti-Catholics" (convenient use of terminology [White, inexplicably, is now in the regular habit of using the terminology "anti-Reformed" and "anti-Calvinist"] ) - which had the not overly unexpected result of basically killing his blog, which then went into hibernation during Lent anyway.
Right. At that time I was getting about 300 hits a day. Today the figure is 684. Great prognostication there, Jimbo! Keep flailing away!

I also noted when this blog passed 300,000 hits. That was on 6 March 2006. So that comes out to 318 days, to go from 300,000 to 500,000, which is an average of 629 a day for the last ten-and-a-half months.

I'm humbled and honored by it all. Thanks to everyone who has read this blog, and to the commenters, and (more generally) to those who have also read my writing in print form. May God bless all of you (generally speaking, as my desire for you; not just because you visit here!), I'm truly privileged to be your servant for the sake of the kingdom and the message of the fullness of Christian truth, to be found in the Catholic Church. To God be all the glory for His great mercies!

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