Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Liberal Theology and Modernism (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


The Problem of Silly Priests (Fr. Paul Ward)

Episcopal General Convention: A. D. 2021 (from The Waffling Anglican)


Christological Heresy

Dialogue on Theological Liberalism, Jesus' Knowledge, and the Nature of the Ostensibly Historical Passages of Scripture (with citations from the encyclicals of Popes St. Pius X and Benedict XV) (vs. Dr. Edward Hamilton)

Trashing the Bible

Implications for Ecclesiology?

Modernist Skeptical Historiography

The Modernist, Secularist Historicism of Raymond Brown and Brian Tierney (including lengthy citations from St. Thomas Aquinas on papal infallibility, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Msgr. George A. Kelly, and Protestants J. Gresham Machen and Os Guinness on Liberalism)

Was Fr. Raymond Brown a Liberal, Modernist, Heterodox Dissident? [see also related Facebook discussion:  21 July 2014]

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