Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heresies and Comparative Religion (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Jehovah's Witnesses (Arianism)


General / Miscellaneous Non-Christian "Cults"

Thoughts on the Relationship of Heresies and Cults to Protestantism

Monophysitism, Montanism, and Historic Roman and Papal Opposition to Heresy (vs. Eric Phillips)
Is William Lane Craig a Heretic? [yes, on three counts: denial that Jesus has two wills  (monothelitism), denial of God's being outside of time, and of Jesus being eternally begotten of the Father; Facebook, 7 Sep. 2013]


Does the Catholic Church Equate Allah and Yahweh (God)? [article for Seton Magazine, 18 June 2014; see additional important clarifications and vigorous discussion on my Facebook page]

Discussion on Whether ISIS is Legitimate, Consistent Islam or Not [+ related article by Robert Spencer] [Facebook, 9-16-14]

Eastern Religion and the Occult

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