Sunday, November 26, 2006

Does Anyone Do Apologetics and/or Theology Anymore?

This post is simply to ask if anyone knows of some good blogs (particularly Protestant ones, other than the anti-Catholic nonsense) that still do apologetics and attempt to defend a particular Christian point of view.

The big thing now in blogdom is politics and culture and fun-loving stuff (even some Catholic apologists, strangely enough, seem to major in those things now and hardly even do apologetics), which is fine, but I think that serious discussion about comparative Christian theology and apologetics is also enjoyable and fun, as well as educational and (at least potentially) edifying. It's so bad that I can hardly find good Protestant blogs where the person is willing to discuss theology with someone who differs, in an amiable, constructive way. I know they must be out there somewhere. It's true that I haven't looked real hard lately, but that's mainly because it is so time-consuming. Hence, I'm asking for suggestions.

The Reformed blogs I've seen (not an exhaustive list by any means) seem to roughly fall into two camps: the anti-Catholics and the so-called "Reformed Catholics" who seem to get a charge out of mocking Catholic converts and Cardinal Newman, and doing apologetics for their position while oddly claiming to eschew apologetics in general (which they, of course, allegedly uniquely rise above). Others seem to concentrate mainly on predestination or inter-Calvinist squabbles, which is usually about as exciting to an outsider as, say, watching the grass grow or studying the clock for an hour. Where are the Reformed sites of wider scope that will defend their position and talk intelligently to Catholics (or for that matter, Arminians) about theology?

Lutherans (again, in my admittedly limited experience) seem similar. There are the anti-Catholics or the quasi-anti-Catholics who seem to be obsessed with Catholics and would rather make fun of us and caricature than talk to us (I have less than no interest in that). Then there are the more "moderate" and ecumenical ones. You see these guys often writing about beer or whether Lutherans have a sense of humor, or Luther's gastro-intestinal problems, and equally silly stuff (all in fun and self-deprecating humor, of course). I love German culture, and Wagner and Beethoven and the black forest and the Alps and the Rhine River. My parish church is a German Gothic revival cathedral. My wife is partly German and Austrian. I could even rightly be regarded as a Germanophile.

But I look around every once in a while to see if someone is writing about theology and/or apologetics. Does anyone know of some good (non-anti-Catholic) Lutheran blogs that still do that regularly (not just once in a blue moon)? Or generic evangelical blogs? Some additional Anglican sites (i.e., people who still believe what Anglicanism traditionally stood for) would be good to know about too.

I confess that I am getting a bit intellectually bored and would love to discover some new challenging, thoughtful folks who like to discuss all areas of theology: people who are confident in their position and willing to defend it and subject it to scrutiny, while not being haughty and disdainful of those who differ.

PLEASE; any suggestions would be most welcome (any additional tidbits or descriptions of blogs would be appreciated too).

[and note that I use a little bit of stereotypical humor above in very broadly generalizing. No offense or insult to anyone is intended. I'm just frustrated at what I perceive as too-frequent lack of theological / philosophical / historical substance. I know there must be some, even many blogs of the sort that I am looking for (and I do have a great deal of respect and affection for my Protestant brethren), which is precisely why I'm asking for some recommendations. I find it ironic and interesting, too, that atheist blogs seem, for the most part, more interested in serious discussion and important topics than many Christian blogs]

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