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The Church (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

This testimony of the universal holy Christian Church, even if we had nothing else, would be a sufficient warrant for holding this article [on the sacrament] and refusing to suffer or listen to a sectary, for it is dangerous and fearful to hear or believe anything against the unanimous testimony, belief, and teaching of the universal holy Christian churches, unanimously held in all the world from the beginning until now over fifteen hundred years.
(Martin Luther, in the year 1532; from Protestant Luther biographer Roland H. Bainton, Studies on the Reformation [Boston: Beacon Press, 1963], p. 26; primary source: WA [Werke, Weimar edition in German], XXX, 552)

General Ecclesiology

 Apostolic Succession

The Visible, Hierarchical, Apostolic Church

Ecclesiastical Authority

On Whether God Could, Would, or Should Protect His Church From Doctrinal Error (vs. Dr. Edwin Tait)

"Free Speech": Am I Obligated to "Debate" and Seriously Engage Fringe, Kooky Positions Like Holocaust Denial? / Shunning Unrepentant Sinners and Contentious Folks: Is it Biblical?

Pope Benedict XVI (as Cardinal Ratzinger): Vatican II Has the Same Authority as Trent (if one goes, both go)

Cardinal Wiseman on Quick Mass Baptisms in the Book of Acts as a Proof of the Profound Authority of the Catholic Church and Binding of New Converts to Even its Future Decrees [Facebook]

Reflections on the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity and Church Authority to Determine the Parameters of Orthodoxy 

Church Authority and Epistemological "Certainty" (The "Infallibility Regress")

Biblical Evidence for Submission to Church Authority and Apostolic Tradition / Biblical Condemnation of the Rebellion of the Protestant Revolt

Infallibility and Conciliarism (Orthodox and Heretical)

The Charismatic Movement

Thoughts on Divine Healing

Clerical Celibacy

General and Misc.

Women's Ordination

[see the section, "Feminism and Female 'Priests'" on my Sexuality, Gender, Feminism, and Divorce web page]

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