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Bibliography of Books and Articles By or About C. S. Lewis

Books By Lewis

1919 Spirits in Bondage: A Cycle of Lyrics (reprinted in 1985; NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [HBJ] )
1926 Dymer (reprinted in 1950; NY: Macmillan [MAC] )
1933 The Pilgrim's Regress (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans [ERD], 1958 ed. with new Preface on Romanticism)
1936 The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition (Oxford University Press [OXP] )
1938 Out of the Silent Planet (MAC)
1939 Rehabilitations and Other Essays (OXP)
1939 The Personal Heresy: A Controversy (with E.M.W. Tillyard) (OXP)
1940 The Problem of Pain (MAC)
1942 The Screwtape Letters (MAC)
1942 A Preface to Paradise Lost (OXP)
1944 Perelandra (MAC)
1946 That Hideous Strength (MAC)
1946 The Great Divorce (MAC)
1947 The Abolition of Man (MAC)
1947 Miracles (MAC)
1947 Essays Presented to Charles Williams (ERD)
1947 George MacDonald: An Anthology (MAC)
1948 Arthurian Torso (reprinted in 1974; ERD)
1949 The Weight of Glory (ERD)
1950 The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (MAC)
1951 Prince Caspian (MAC)
1952 The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" (MAC)
1952 Mere Christianity (MAC)
1953 The Silver Chair (MAC)
1954 The Horse and His Boy (MAC)
1954 English Literature in the 16th Century Excluding Drama. Vol. 3 of The Oxford History of English Literature (OXP)
1955 The Magician's Nephew (MAC)
1955 Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life (HBJ)
1956 The Last Battle (MAC)
1956 Till We Have Faces (HBJ)
1958 Reflections on the Psalms (HBJ)
1960 Studies in Words (Cambridge University Press [CAM] )
1960 The Four Loves (HBJ)
1960 The World's Last Night & Other Essays (HBJ)
1961 A Grief Observed (NY: Seabury Press)
1961 An Experiment in Criticism (CAM)
1962 They Asked for a Paper: Papers and Addresses (London: Geoffrey Bles [BLE] )
1964 Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer (HBJ)
1964 The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature (CAM)
1964 Poems, E Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1966 Letters of C.S. Lewis, E, C Warren H. Lewis (HBJ)
1966 Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, E Walter Hooper (CAM)
1966 Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories, E Walter Hooper (BLE)
1967 Letters to an American Lady, E Clyde Kilby (ERD)
1967 Christian Reflections, E Walter Hooper (ERD)
1968 A Mind Awake: An Anthology of C.S. Lewis, E Clyde Kilby (HBJ)
1969 Narrative Poems, E Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1969 Selected Literary Essays, E Walter Hooper (CAM)
1970 God in the Dock: Essays on Theology & Ethics, E Walter Hooper (ERD)
1975 Fern-Seed and Elephants and Other Essays on Christianity, E Walter Hooper (London: Collins-Fontana Books [COL] )
1977 The Dark Tower & Other Stories, E Walter Hooper (COL)
1977 The Joyful Christian: Readings from C.S. Lewis (MAC)
1979 They Stand Together: Letters to Arthur Greeves, E Walter Hooper (MAC)
1982 On Stories, and Other Essays in Literature, E Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1985 Letters to Children, E Lyle W. Dorsett & Marjorie L. Mead (MAC)
1985 Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C.S. Lewis, E Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1986 Present Concerns (Essays), E Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1987 The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis, E Martin Moynihan (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books [CWY] )
1987 The Quotable Lewis, E Wayne Martindale & Jerry Root (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House)

Articles By Lewis

? "The Language of Religion," in Reflections.
1939 "Christianity & Literature," in Reflections.
Mar 1940 "Dangers of National Repentance," in Dock.
May 1940 "Two Ways With the Self," in Dock.
Aug 1940 "The Necessity of Chivalry," in Concerns.
Dec 1940 "Christianity & Culture," in Reflections.
Jan 1941 "Meditation on the Third Commandment," in Dock.
Feb 1941 "Evil & God," in Dock.
Oct 1941 "Religion: Reality or Substitute?," in Reflections.
c. 1942 "On Ethics," in Reflections.
June 1942 "First & Second Things," in Dock.
Oct 1942 "Miracles," in Dock.
1943 "The Founding of the Oxford Socratic Club," in Dock.
c. 1943 "De Futilitate," in Reflections.
Mar 1943 "Dogma & the Universe," in Dock.
"Three Kinds of Men," in Concerns.
Summer 1943 "The Poison of Subjectivism," in Reflections.
Aug 1943 "Equality," in Concerns.
Sep 1943 "My First School," in Concerns.
1944 "Answers to Questions on Christianity," in Dock.
"On the Reading of Old Books," in Dock.
Feb 1944 "Is English Doomed?," in Concerns.
Apr 1944 "Democratic Education," in Concerns.
June 1944 "Bulverism," in Dock.
July 1944 "A Dream," in Concerns.
Sep 1944 "Blimpophobia," in Concerns.
Oct 1944 "Myth Became Fact," in Dock.
"Horrid Red Things," in Dock.
Dec 1944 "Private Bates," in Concerns.
Jan 1945 "Religion & Science," in Dock.
Feb 1945 "Two Lectures," in Dock.
Apr 1945 "The Laws of Nature," in Dock.
"The Grand Miracle," in Dock.
Easter 1945 "Christian Apologetics," in Dock.
May 1945 "Work & Prayer," in Dock.
June 1945 "Hedonics," in Concerns.
c. 1945 "The Funeral of a Great Myth," in Reflections.
July 1945 "Meditation in a Toolshed," in Dock.
Sep 1945 "The Sermon & the Lunch," in Dock.
Dec 1945 "Scraps," in Dock.
"After Priggery - What?," in Concerns.
c. 1946 "Man or Rabbit?," in Dock.
1946 "On the Transmission of Christianity," in Dock.
May 1946 "Miserable Offenders," in Dock.
"Religion Without Dogma?," in Dock.
Oct 1946 "Modern Man & His Categories of Thought," in Concerns.
"Talking About Bicycles," in Concerns.
Nov 1946 "The Decline of Religion," in Dock.
1947 "On Stories," in Essays Presented to Charles Williams.
"Vivisection," in Dock.
"Modern Translations of the Bible," in Dock.
1948 "Some Thoughts," in Dock.
"On Living in an Atomic Age," in Concerns.
Aug 1948 "The Trouble With `X' . . .," in Dock.
"Priestesses in the Church?," in Dock.
Sep 1948 "God in the Dock," in Dock.
1949 "The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment," in Dock.
Apr 1949 "On Church Music," in Reflections.
Feb 1950 "The Pains of Animals: A Problem in Theology," in Dock.
1950 "What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?," in Dock.
Oct 1950 "Historicism," in Reflections.
Winter 1952 "The World's Last Night," in Last Night.
1952 "Is Theism Important?," in Dock.
"The Empty Universe," in Concerns.
1953 "Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without an Answer," in Reflections.
Aug 1954 "On Punishment: A Reply," in Dock.
Dec 1954 "Xmas & Christmas: A Lost Chapter from Herodotus," in Dock.
Jan 1955 "Prudery & Philology," in Concerns.
Apr 1955 "Lilies That Fester," in Last Night.
Autumn 1955 "On Obstinacy in Belief," in Last Night.
Apr 1956 "Interim report," in Concerns.
Dec 1956 "Behind the Scenes," in Dock.
Jun 1957 "Is History Bunk?," in Concerns.
Dec 1957 "What Christmas means to Me," in Dock.
"Delinquents in the Snow," in Dock.
c. 1958 "The Psalms," in Reflections.
Apr 1958 "Religion & Rocketry," in Last Night.
Jul 1958 "Revival or decay?," in Dock.
"Willing Slaves of the Welfare State," in Dock.
Nov 1958 "The Rejoinder to Dr. Pittenger," in Dock.
Jan 1959 "The Efficacy of Prayer," in Last Night.
May 1959 "Modern Theology & Biblical Criticism," in Reflections.
Dec 1959 "Screwtape Proposes a Toast," in Last Night.
"Good Work & Good Works," in Last Night.
Oct 1961 "Before We Can Communicate," in Dock.
Sep 1962 "Sex in Literature," in Concerns.
Feb 1963 "The Seeing Eye," in Reflections.
Mar 1963 "Must Our Image of God Go?," in Dock.
May 1963 "Cross-Examination," in Dock.
Nov 1963 "We Have No `Right to Happiness,'" in Dock.

Biographical Books Primarily or Secondarily About Lewis

1965 Light On C.S. Lewis, E Jocelyn Gibb (HBJ)
1971 C.S. Lewis: Speaker & Teacher, E Carolyn Keefe Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan [ZON] )
1973 C.S. Lewis: Images of His World, Douglas Gilbert & Clyde Kilby (ERD)
1974 C.S. Lewis: A Biography, Roger L. Green & Walter Hooper (HBJ)
1977 A Severe Mercy, Sheldon Vanauken, {inc. 18 CSL letters}(NY: Bantam Books [BAN] )
1978 The Inklings, Humphrey Carpenter (NY: Ballantine Books [BAL] )
1979 C.S. Lewis at the Breakfast Table, E James T. Como (MAC)
1982 Brothers & Friends: Diaries of W.H. Lewis, E Kilby & Mead (NY: Harper & Row [H&R])
1982 Through Joy and Beyond, Walter Hooper (MAC)
1983 And God Came In, Lyle W. Dorsett, {Joy Davidman} (BAL)
1984 In Search of C.S. Lewis, E Stephen Schofield (South Plainfield, NJ: Bridge Publishing)
1985 C.S. Lewis: Through the Shadowlands, Brian Sibley (Grand Rapids, MI: Fleming H. Revell [REV] )
1986 Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life, William Griffin (H&R)
1987 C.S. Lewis and His World, David Barratt (ERD)
1987 C.S. Lewis (Twayne's English Authors Series), Joe Christopher (Boston: G.K. Hall & Co.)
1988 Jack: C.S. Lewis and His Times, George Sayer (H&R)
1988 Lenten Lands, Douglas H. Gresham {CSL's wife's son}(MAC)

Books About C.S. Lewis' Writing and Thinking

1949 C.S. Lewis: Apostle to the Skeptics, Chad Walsh (MAC)
1962 Books With Men Behind Them, Edmund Fuller (NY: Random House)
1962 Sprightly Running, John Wain (MAC)
1964 The Christian World of C.S. Lewis, Clyde S. Kilby (ERD)
1966 Patterns of Love and Courtesy: Essays in Memory of C.S. Lewis, E John Lawlor (Edward Arnold)
1967 C.S. Lewis: Defender of the Faith, Richard B. Cunningham (Philadelphia: Westminster Press)
1969 The Image of Man in C.S. Lewis, William Luther White (London: Hodder & Stoughton [H&S] )
1969 C.S. Lewis: A Critical Essay, Peter Kreeft (ERD)
1969 Shadows of Imagination, E M.R. Hillegas (London: Feffer & Simons, Inc.)
1970 Shadows of Heaven, Gunnar Urang (London: SCM Press)
1971 Past Watchful Dragons, Walter Hooper (MAC)
1971 Imagination & the Spirit: Essays in Literature & the Christian Faith Presented to Clyde S. Kilby, E Charles Hutter (ERD)
1973 The Lion of Judah in Never-Never Land, Kathryn Lindskoog (ERD)
1974 The Secret Country of C.S. Lewis, Anne Arnott (H&S)
1974 Bright Shadow of Reality, Corbin Scott Carnell (ERD)
1974 Lord of the Elves and Eldils: Fantasy and Philosophy in C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard Purtill (ZON)
1974 Myth, Allegory and Gospel, E John W. Montgomery (Minneapolis: Bethany Fellowship)
1975 Modern Fantasy, C.N. Manlove (CAM)
1976 C.S. Lewis: The Shape of His Faith & Thought, Paul L. Holmer (H&R)
1977 The Longing For a Form: Essays in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis, E Peter J. Schakel (Kent State University Press)
1977 The Renaissance of Wonder in Children's Literature, Marion Lochhead (Edinburgh: Canongate)
1978 The Taste For the Other, Gilbert Meilaender (ERD)
1978 Images of Salvation in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis, Clyde Kilby (Wheaton, IL: Harold Shaw Publishers [HSP] )
1979 C.S. Lewis on Scripture, Michael J. Christensen (H&S)
1979 The Literary Legacy of C.S. Lewis, Chad Walsh (HBJ)
1979 Reading With the Heart: The Way Into Narnia, Peter J. Schakel (ERD)
1979 Narnia Explored, Paul A. Karkainen (REV)
1979 A Guide Through Narnia, Martha Sammons (H&S)
1979 Real Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Works of C.S. Lewis, Leanne Payne (CWY)
1980 Companion to Narnia, Paul F. Ford (H&R)
1980 C.S. Lewis: Spinner of Tales, Evan K. Gibson (Washington, D.C., Christian University Press)
1980 The Achievement of C.S. Lewis: A Reading of His Fiction, Thomas Howard (HSP)
1981 C.S. Lewis, Margaret Patterson Hannay (NY: Ungar)
1981 C.S. Lewis's Case For the Christian Faith, Richard Purtill (H&R)
1982 C.S. Lewis and the Church of Rome, Christopher Derrick (San Francisco: Ignatius Press [IGP] )
1983 The Restitution of Man: C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Scientism, Michael Aeschlimas (ERD)
1984 Reason and Imagination in C.S. Lewis: A Study of 'Till We Have Faces', Peter J. Schakel (Exeter: Paternoster Press [PAT] )
1985 C.S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion, John Beversluis (PAT)
1985 C.S. Lewis - The Man and his Achievement, John Peters (PAT)
1987 C.S. Lewis: Mere Christian, (Revised), Kathryn Lindskoog (HSP)
1987 C.S. Lewis: Man of Letters, Thomas Howard (IGP)
1988 The C.S. Lewis Hoax, Kathryn Lindskoog (Portland, OR: Multnomah Press [MUL] )
1989 G.K. Chesterton & C.S. Lewis: The Riddle of Joy, E M. McDonald & A. Tadie (ERD)
1990 The C.S. Lewis Handbook, Colin Duriez (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House [BBH] )
1994 Light in the Shadowlands, Kathryn Lindskoog (MUL)
1994 C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium, Peter Kreeft (IGP)

Selected Biographical Articles or Chapters About Lewis

Barfield, Owen, Introduction to Light On C.S. Lewis, 1965
"In Conversation," in Keefe, 1971
Derrick, Christopher, "Some Personal Angles on Chesterton & Lewis," in Riddle, 1989
Farrer, Austin, "In His Image," in Breakfast, 1979
Green, Roger Lancelyn, "In the Evening," in Breakfast, 1979
Griffiths, Alan Bede, "The Adventure of Faith," in Breakfast, 1979
Havard, Robert E., "Philia: Jack at Ease," in Breakfast, 1979
Hooper, Walter, "Oxford's Bonny Fighter," in Breakfast, 1979
"C.S. Lewis & C.S. Lewises," in Riddle, 1989
Howard, Thomas, Foreword to Keefe, 1971
Kilby, Clyde S., "Holiness in the Life of C.S. Lewis," Discipleship Journal, no. 22, 1984, pp.14-16
Mathew, Gervase, "Orator," in Breakfast, 1979
Sayer, George, "Jack on Holiday," in Breakfast, 1979
Time, Sep. 8, 1947, "Don v. Devil," {cover story}, pp.65-74
Walsh, Chad, "Impact on America," in Light, 1965

Selected Articles or Chapters About Lewis' Writing and Thought

Coghill, Nevill, "The Approach to English," in Light, 1965
Dorsett, Lyle W., "C.S. Lewis: Some Keys to His Effectiveness," in Riddle, 1989
Farrer, Austin, "The Christian Apologist," in Light, 1965
Howard, Thomas, "Looking Backward: C.S. Lewis's Literary Achievement at Forty Years' Perspective," in Riddle, 1989
Kilby, Clyde S., "The Creative Logician Speaking," in Keefe, 1971
Kreeft, Peter J., "C.S. Lewis & the Case For Christianity," Varghese, The Intellectuals Speak Out About God, 1984
"C.S. Lewis's Argument From Desire," in Riddle, 1989
Lindskoog, Kathryn & Gracia Fay Ellwood, "C.S. Lewis: Natural Law, the Law In Our Hearts," The Christian Century, Nov. 14, 1984, pp.1059-1061
Walsh, Chad, "The Literary Stature of C.S. Lewis," Christianity Today, June 8, 1979
"C.S. Lewis, Apostle to the Skeptics," Atlantic Monthly, September 1946, pp.115-119
Williams, Donald T., "A Closer Look at the 'Unorthodox' Lewis," Christianity Today, 12-21-79

C.S. Lewis Periodicals

CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society: 466 Orange St., New Haven, CN 06511, Founded 1969.
The Chronicle of the Portland C.S. Lewis Society: 1830 NE 141 Ave., Portland, OR 97230. Founded 1972.
The Lamp-Post of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society: 19 West Orange Grove Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Founded 1974.
The Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal: Dunsfold, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4PF, England. Founded 1979.
Seven: An Anglo-American Literary Review: Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Founded 1980.

Thanks to George Sayer (Jack: C.S. Lewis and His Times) for the information on periodicals and many other books.

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