Thursday, November 09, 2006

Atheism, Agnosticism, and Secularism (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


Dialogue with an Atheist Concerning My Semi-Satirical Critique of Atheism (7-11-15)

Dialogue With an Atheist on the "Problem of Good" and the Nature of Meaningfulness in Atheism (+ Part Two) (The Flip Side of the Problem of Evil Argument Against Christianity) (vs. Mike Hardie)

Common Ground

Dinner Tonight with Six Atheists (Facebook, 6-9-15)


God (Atheist Obsession With the Supposedly Nonexistent)

Dialogue With an Atheist on the Epistemology of Disbelief in God and the "Demonization" of Opponents (Including Appendices on Conscience and Disproofs of Worldviews) (vs. Sue Strandberg)

Dialogues With / Critiques of "ProfMTH" / Mitch

"The Butcher and the Hog": The Atheist Approach to the Bible

[see also related papers in the "Alleged Biblical Contradictions" section of The Bible, Tradition, Canon, & Sola Scriptura Index Page]

Atheist "Deconversions"

Famous Atheists (Real and Imagined)

[For related reading, see: Philosophy, Science, and Christianity Page]

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