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Books by Dave Armstrong: Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison

[completed in July 2004; published by Lulu in August 2007]
[revised version with three additional Orthodox and Eastern Catholic contributors in progress]
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Cover design by Chad Toney
My Book, Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison, to be Read by Bishops and Priests in the Czech Republic

Table of Contents
[of the upcoming revised version]

Additional Contributors to the Revised 2014 Edition

Preface to the Revised 2014 Edition [read online]

2. Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities

3. Development of Doctrine in Orthodoxy and Catholicism: Different in Essence?

4. Is Purgatory a “Place” or “Condition” (or Both)?: Misconceptions About the Catholic View

5. Do St. Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Other Catholic Thinkers Adopt an Unbiblical “Rationalism” Leading to a “Remote” or "Impersonal" God?

6. Theological Opinions on the Papacy Prior to 1054

7. The Filioque and the Eastern Church Fathers

8. Orthodoxy and Divorce

9. Orthodoxy and Contraception
10. Original Sin: Caricatures and Commonalities
11. Theosis / Deification in Western Spirituality

12. Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier's chapter [as yet untitled]

13. Pete Vere's chapter [as yet untitled]

14. Tim Carl's chapter [as yet untitled]

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