Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nominated for Best Apologetics Blog at St. Blog's

I don't try to win such awards, have been quite disinterested in them (to put it mildly), and recognition is not (and never has been) my motivation for what I do.

On the other hand, I don't deny that it is encouraging to receive positive feedback, and I do think that if I have a fair chance in terms of regular folks here knowing about the St. Blog's Awards (just as partisans of other blogs do), that I could compete with any other blog in my category. I certainly crank out more Catholic apologetic writing than anyone else today. That is an indisputable fact. Whether it is of an appropriately high caliber, edifying, sufficiently charitable, educational, and spiritually helpful is, of course, for readers to judge.

Based on the reasons above and the urgings of one reader, I have decided to at least make the voting known (here's the link to vote). Voting will end at Noon CST, Tuesday, February 21.

Currently, I am being slaughtered in the voting by Jimmy Akin (48%) and Al Kimel ("Pontifications" - 34%). There have been 1650 total votes cast, as I write, which means I have gotten about 92 of the total. I get almost 600 hits a day on this blog, so if many of my visitors at all would just vote (assuming many of you might vote for me, which seems reasonable), I believe it would be a much better contest than that!

Jimmy and Al are both my friends and quite worthy of receiving this award, in my opinion. Good for them. The folks who voted for their blogs have excellent taste in good writers and informative places to go. But given my current vote at 5.6%, I think it is clearly a matter of lots of people who read those blogs going and voting (particularly since they are past winners), whereas my readers may not even be aware of it (as I haven't mentioned it here, precisely because I don't care all that much about these things, whereas I see that Jimmy - bless his heart LOL - has a big prominent post about it and his own past award right on top of his blog).

Again, those are great blogs, but I don't think that Jimmy's is 9 times "better" than mine, based on the vote, or that Al's is almost 6 times "better" or more worthy of the award. LOL C'mon! In fact, Jimmy doesn't even write all that much apologetics on his; he does lots of other things, as it is his venue apart from Catholic Answers. Pontifications does quite a bit of apologetics (most of it superb, as is Akin's, insofar as it appears on his blog), so that choice makes more sense in this category.

I'm mainly curious to see if my vote jumps up a lot by simply making this announcement.


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