Friday, December 23, 2005

"Credit Where It Is Due": Great & Helpful Christian Apologetic Articles by James White

Recently, I published a similar compendium of articles by anti-Catholic Protestant apologist Jason Engwer, defending the orthodox Christian outlook on Christmas and various Christological issues. In the same vein, I thought it would be appropriate to do the same for James White: one of the leading anti-Catholic apologists. To paraphrase the other paper:

James White is an anti-Catholic. James White thinks Catholics aren't Christians. James White has made some of the most atrocious, ridiculous, utterly incoherent, illogical, factually-bankrupt, and sophistical arguments in the history of mankind, when he is dealing with Catholicism. His huge bias against the Catholic Church apparently clouds his otherwise often cogent mind. This is shown, I think, in the debates he and I have had on several subjects, and in my other papers documenting his manifold errors.

James White is also (generically speaking) a Christian apologist (Reformed Baptist), and Christian apologists (even anti-Catholic ones) also write about subjects upon which virtually all Christians agree. And when they do so, I rejoice, because I am very happy whenever I see Christian truth promulgated and ably defended. This is part of the mystery of the larger Body of Christ, which includes Protestants. A person like White can be so dead wrong on some things, and blind to the spiritual status of Catholics, yet God grants him the grace to continue his apologetics in order to defend some true and very important things. Truth is truth no matter who proclaims it and regardless of how utterly wrong and mistaken they might be on other issues.

I'm delighted about that, because it is a terrible waste of one's mind and energies to oppose the Catholic Church on such ludicrous grounds. It's good to see that minds like White's are also occupied at least part of the time with good and true analyses. The anti-Catholics I come across have rarely seen any value in anything I write, even when my writing is about a subject where we would completely agree with each other. But I have no problem seeing the good things in many of their articles.

James White has written helpfully and insightfully about several Christian doctrines or moral beliefs, which are held in common by all the major branches of Christianity. When he defends these things, he is on the side of the angels. These areas include his papers and research concerning the Holy Trinity, Christology, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, The Da Vinci Code, and Islam (he has also written good material on homosexuality, pro-life, the King James Only folks, and against liberal theology and higher criticism of the Bible). I commend him for this helpful, edifying research (as I have, publicly, many times before, while he continues to totally mock the entire body of my apologetic work as utterly worthless and devoid of any substance or value), and present links to these articles (I shall also make links on various relevant pages of mine):

[see the list of links on another paper]

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