Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rah-Rahs and Humbling Feedback

Here are some of the wonder flattering things people have said about me and my work.

Thanks again for the great work you're doing for Christ and His Church.

--- Dr. Scott Hahn

I admire, as ever, your fantastic and penetrating work.

--- Patrick Madrid

I highly recommend his work, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, which I find to be thoroughly orthodox, well-written, and effective for the purpose of making Catholic truth more understandable and accessible to the public at large. It is, I firmly believe, a fine book of popular Catholic apologetics.

--- Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

Apologist extraordinaire.

[T]here is someone out there who says what I have to say much better than I ever could -- the smartest Catholic apologist I know of -- Dave Armstrong.

--- Amy Welborn (Catholic author of many books)

Dave's fund of knowledge is astonishing, and his articles are well worth reading.

--- "Secret Agent Man" (Ian McLean)

You utterly amaze me! Such good stuff . . . Dave, keep up your effective and eternally valuable apologetic journalism!

--- Marcus Grodi (host of The Journey Home)

I think you have one of the best sites on the web. It's so amazingly thorough I'm dazzled at the incredible work you've put into it! Way to go!

--- Mark Shea

I always appreciate your work.

--- Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas

I truly appreciate your candor and your vast knowledge on these issues and am not at all ashamed to call you my brother in Christ . . . I am ashamed however of some who denounce YOUR faith as heretical and am consistently battling them in my own home church . . . This was meant just as a note of encouragement as I am sure your work goes either unnoticed or derided by many in "my" camp.

--- Reformed Presbyterian layman

Thanks for your honest struggling with the (inane and inconsistent) Calvinists. Even though I am a Calvinist myself, I know there are a lot of ignorant judgmental boobs out there.

--- Reformed Presbyterian layman

. . . readable, accurate, and accessible information about your beliefs. Fine work! Thank you again for being so conciliatory!

--- Reformed laywoman

May I say that your website is one of the finest I've ever visited, and I have visited often. I especially love your C.S. Lewis and John Henry Newman links. You have cleared up many misconceptions I had concerning Catholic theology and doctrine. Your page is in the spirit of true ecumenism and Christianity.

--- Anglican laywoman

I can testify to [Dave's] friendship with non-Catholic Christians personally; we built a good friendship when I was Anglican. He has always treated me with respect, never was he arrogant, triumphalistic or anything like that.

I can testify to anyone or in any court that you have a lot of respect for non-Catholic Christians! You showed great friendship and charity towards non-Catholic Christians on your old list serve [Apologetics / Ecumenism List, which still exists at] a few years ago when I was on it. I also know of your great love and respect for many Protestants, like C.S. Lewis. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise! :) Disagreeing with a Protestant does not mean a person is automatically anti-Protestant, anymore than disagreeing with a Catholic makes one automatically anti-Catholic.

--- Bret Bellamy (Anglican layman at the time of writing)

[T]hank you for being so detailed and deep. Many other apologists are too simplistic to get to the roots. You get to the root of error and axe it. Continue in your humble spirit and love for Christ and love for your separated brethren, it is so refreshing. I will support you by buying books and probably donations down the road.

--- Protestant layman (soon to be a Catholic)

I have always thought your website was the most outstanding one available, and of course you are my favorite Christian apologist. Keep up the good work you do for the Lord.

--- Fr. George Burns (Anglican priest)

As for the body of your work generically considered, I think that certainly there must be some things of great value in your work . . . I do like your stuff on Lewis and Tolkien and “mythopoeics”. No doubt your materials on Mormonism and other counter-cult issues are valuable, too. I’ve read a few of your blog posts about abortion, and yes, those have been truly outstanding. Clearly you’re not some fringe kook just blabbing on a blog; you have a serious purpose in God’s Kingdom, and I’m glad for it. I have erred, I suppose, in not telling you when I found things of yours to be good, and so for that I ask your forgiveness.

--- Tim Enloe (Reformed)

It seems like lots of people are doing lots of pondering on the Internet, but precious few are in the market for dialogue at the moment. But I genuinely appreciate those few, like Dave . . . who are interested in the discussion in terms of both explaining their own views well and thoroughly and pushing people to do the same with their own (and boy, that Ken [Commier] guy [a few comments above] couldn't have been farther off!). Based on my experience in this case, forming a dialogue successfully is like pulling teeth, no matter how sincere your motives. Of course, that just makes what Dave and others do (and the amount of effort it requires) look all the more impressive! To Dave and all those who are able to sustain these types of discussions between people of different religious beliefs, I have a bit more empathy for just how hard it can be, and you can number me among the people who are amazed by both your patience and your zeal in that regard.

--- Jonathan Prejean (Catholic)

You are one of the most thoughtful and careful apologists out there.

I have my disagreements with Dave, but he's always treated me with kindness and courtesy, and when I criticize some aspect of his apologetics he's often quite responsive in nuancing his argument to address my concerns.

--- Edwin Tait (Anglican doctoral candidate in Church history)

I am reading your stuff since I think it is the most thorough and perhaps the best defense of Catholicism out there.

I have had many run-ins with Dave via email and he has been nothing but respectful and kind to me. He has shown me great respect despite knowing full well that I disagree with him on the essential issues.

--- Sam Shamoun (Reformed apologist, specializing in outreach to Muslims)

Dave Armstrong . . . is a staunch Catholic Apologist but he hosts exceptionally good discussions and postings of materials in what is to me a surprisingly open and fair manner. Be assured, it is of a high intellectual level / calibre.

--- "Teelow" ("biblicist" Christian)

Armstrong, a convert from Evangelical Protestantism, is a zealous defender of Roman claims but usually maintains a spirit of civility. He is a prolific writer who presents the "state of the art" in Roman Catholic apologetics.

--- Albert (Anglican, on Labarum blog: 3-8-04)

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