Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lutheran Confirms That I'm Not an Anti-Protestant

It's nice and refreshing to see that some people understand this (even when they hang out with many people who don't, and who are, in fact, anti-Catholics). Many thanks to CPA, with whom I have enjoyed dialoguing. This was a completely unsolicited remark that I happened upon in my surfing today:
Let me just say a word here for Dave Armstrong. Despite his tendency to unload hundreds of pages [the obligatory criticism these days] and somewhat excessive self-promotion [narcissism? :-) ], he is a former Protestant Catholic who is in fact blessedly free of the kind of "any enemy of Protestantism is a friend of mine" coalition-building we've been discussing. Plus, I like the way that he refuses to take the "Since the Church has vouched for 1-2 Timothy, Titus, etc., as Scripture, I am free to believe they were actually second century forgeries" line that mixes the worst in liberal higher criticism and RC anti-scripturalism.

Maybe he went through a "I despise all of my past" stage at one point in his life [absolutely not!], but at least now, he's pro-Catholic (naturally) without being anti-Protestant (or anti-Orthodox, for that matter). [I was never anti-Protestant or anti-Orthodox -- or anti-Catholic as a Protestant --; just to set the record straight; I critique both in areas where there is disagreement, as one would expect a Catholic apologist to do]
"Rob K." (apparently Anglican) agreed: "yes, Dave Armstrong is a fair and irenic contributor."
Good for both of you, and thanks again. Protestants and Orthodox are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I have immense respect for these Christian traditions and for many, many individuals (lots of whom I count as dear friends) in them.

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