Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My Favorite Atheist, Nat Hentoff, Strongly Protests Terri Schiavo's Torture and Execution

Hentoff is "Exhibit #1" for my contention that atheists often have more moral principle and integrity than Christians.

"Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder: Her crime was being disabled, voiceless, and at the disposal of our media"

(Village Voice, March 29th, 2005 10:59 AM)

Meanwhile, according to a Time Magazine poll, 53% of those calling themselves evangelical support removing Terri's feeding tube, while 41% oppose it.

It's an odd (as well as grotesque and obscene) world we live in, isn't it? Even pro-aborts like Jesse Jackson (formerly pro-life before he ran for President, just like Clinton, Gore, and Gephardt) and Ralph Nader are speaking out forcefully. But most of us committed evangelical or traditional Anglican or Lutheran or orthodox Reformed Protestant or orthodox Catholic or traditional Orthodox Christians sit on our butts piously reading our Bibles or praying our Rosaries or reading Calvin or the Augsburg Confession or St. Gregory Palamas and doing little or nothing concrete to promote the Culture of Life, while the legal Holocaust continues (now in its 33rd year and counting).

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