Saturday, December 11, 2004

My "Neo-Conservative 'Messianic'" Affinities? Weird Remark From Bob Sungenis

Bob Sungenis, Catholic apologist and recently, so-called "Catholic traditionalist," wrote about me in a recent article on his website:
The real problem here is that, just like his view of the pope, Mirus will not allow anyone to question the motives and agenda of the Zionists of Israel. (He and his neo-conservative "messianic" political affiliates (eg., Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Shawn Hannity, Rod Dreher, et al., names which you can see promoted on Dave Armstrong’s website).

(Jeffrey Mirus: Self-Appointed Policeman of Catholic Internet Sites [Part] 2)

This is no big deal at all. But I just found it, well, "weird" (per my title), since I don't have the slightest idea of where he gets this idea, and I found it curious. I post curiosities here sometimes, just to have something to talk about, out of the ordinary; chit chat; no more, no less (as I certainly have enough super-serious, "heavy" material). As I recall (though I may have forgotten), I have scarcely mentioned Coulter, Kristol, or Hannity at all (I may have a link to an article by them somewhere). I don't discuss politics all that much on my website or blog, or even current events in Israel. I did do some election political commentary, but that was largely in terms of polls and predictions. When I write about politics at all, it is usually about abortion. I also disagreed with a fellow Catholics' position against the war in Iraq in a recent debate.

I don't even have cable TV, so I don't watch any of these people's shows. I see Bill Kristol occasionally on one of the Sunday morning news talk shows, and agree with a lot of what he says, politically. I've heard Hannity a few times, mostly when he sub-hosted for Rush Limbaugh (whom I listen to very little: almost exclusively during election seasons, anymore). But so what? That hardly equates with "promoting" either of them, or Ann Coulter (who seems pretty cool, the few times I have read her stuff or seen her on TV at my parents house - who have cable -). Where does this observation come from, then?! I find it pretty funny.

I did indeed mention Rod Dreher on my website, in one context only: with regard to the sexual scandal in the Church, on my "Catholic Scandals" page (five links), but these were his articles which consisted of scathingly critical remarks about the Church and what went on in that sad, tragic scandal, so Sungenis could hardly object to that, given his recent overwhelming agenda (seems like he should be cheering me on). I had never even heard of Dreher before that, nor have I read anything of his since. Nor do I have any particular plans to do so (regarding him or any of the other three). So I wonder from whence this observation comes?

Still curious, I did a search on Google of "Hannity Dave Armstrong" and could find not a thing. I did the same for "Coulter Dave Armstrong" and came across one link on my site to an article of hers: again, on the sexual scandal. But again, this was a subject matter that I can't imagine Bob would disagree with ("Should Gay Priests Adopt?"). She was being critical of precisely what she should be critical of: the nefarious homosexual and liberal agendas within certain circles of the Church. If this amounts to my "promotion" of her (a link to one article that Bob would presumably agree with), then so be it. I find that ridiculous, but what can I do?

Then I searched for "Kristol Dave Armstrong". Again, I came up with all zeroes. Yet I am somehow "promoting" him? I can't even find anything I have written at all about the guy (or Hannity or Coulter)! LOL Wow . . .

I will forward this post to Bob, and see how he explains this. This is much ado about nothing, and of no importance in the larger scheme of things. Much more troubling are the remarks with which Bob Sungenis concludes his article:
Mirus' approach to the Galileo issue is common in Catholic apologetics today. They have accepted, without question, the dogma of modern science, but the truth is there is not the slightest proof that Galileo was correct. Still, these apologists would rather make our previous popes, their Sacred Congregations and St. Robert Bellarmine look like idiots rather than even entertain the possibility that modern cosmology could be wrong. For them, modern science is their god. The truth is, they know very little about true science. True science admits that there is no proof for heliocentrism, but you would never know that from people like Jeffrey Mirus. And if someone like me even suggests that modern science is wrong and that the Church of the 17th century was right, the wrath of "Catholic Apologists" will come upon you like an avalanche. I can only conclude that I am not dealing with true Catholics but those who are either mired in ignorance or who have an agenda with the darker side of this world.
Since Bob had just cited Gary Hoge at length: a friend of mine and great apologist who has disagreed with, and debated Bob at great length about the "controversial" facts that the earth rotates and goes around the sun, and since Bob is scathingly critical of Mirus in this article, and by extension (or direct statement), many other Catholic apologists (note how he puts the description in quotation marks), does this mean that Bob thinks Hoge, Mirus, perhaps even myself, and many other apologists who disagree with him on various things (e.g., Scott Hahn, whom he has vigorously critiqued, Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Steve Ray, - all colleagues and friends of mine to one degree or another - , and many others), are not "true Catholics," and in league with the "darker side of this world"?

It would seem so, but hey, maybe I'm misreading something. I would prefer to hear what Bob has to say about it. I will inform him that whatever he writes to me privately about this, I will post here, for the sake of my readers. Since he has made these charges publicly, he ought to defend them publicly, too.

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