Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Major New Paper on the "Apocrypha" (vs. Dr. John Ankerberg & Dr. John Weldon)

Just posted on my website:

Reply Concerning the Canonicity of the So-Called "Apocrypha" (138K)


I. Standard Protestant Church History Sources: the Early Church and the "Apocrypha"

II. Did Any Jews Accept the Canonicity of the "Apocrypha"? Are Ancient Jewish Beliefs on the Canon Certain?

III. F.F. Bruce: New Testament Allusions to the "Apocrypha" and Pseudepigrapha

IV. Miscellany and Some Good-Natured Bantering Back and Forth

V. "Demonstrable, Disqualifying Errors" in the "Apocrypha"? / Errors in Protestant Logic

VI. "Universal Jewish Rejection" of the "Apocrypha"?

VII. Does the New Testament Ever Cite the "Apocrypha" as an "Authority"?

VIII. Clarification on the Catholic Meaning of the Term Deuterocanonical Books

IX. Epistemological Difficulties for Protestants / Luther's Peculiar Views

X. Misunderstandings About the Catholic Church & Holy Scripture & More Hard Questions For Protestants About the Canon

XI. "Canon Shot": Penetrating Insights & Challenges to Protestants From Cardinal Newman

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I will write to Ankerberg & Weldon the first chance I get tomorrow, to inform them of this. It's very late right now . . .

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