Saturday, November 13, 2004

"The Cogitator" & "The Pontificator" Wax Eloquently on Ecclesiology & Various & Sundry "Popish" / "Romish" Topics

We already have the "Pontificator" in the blogosphere, so I have nicknamed the always-insightful Elliot Bougis (still a non-Catholic, as far as I know) "The Cogitator", based on his website, Fides, Cogitatio, Actio. I think the name fits perfectly (look up the root word in the dictionary and I think you'll agree). Lately, The Cogitator has been cranking out some exceptionally thought-provoking essays, or papers. Without further ado, here they are, linked:

Bowel-quivering prooftexts, anyone?

[Regarding proof texts of Eastern Fathers who taught papal supremacy or a strong, suspiciously "Catholic-sounding" variant of papal primacy]

And you can quote me!

["Eastern patristic quotes about the Roman see"]

All roads lead to... well?

Riddle me this

[regarding his "quandary about ecclesial primacy in contemporary Eastern Orthodoxy"]

Good sex is so hard to find these days

[in favor of the Catholic -- and universal Christian, till 1930 -- prohibition of contraception]

The Pontificator has been producing some equally thought-provoking material as of late, also:

When is a Primate a Primate?

[Gregory the Great on the papacy]

Why should we care what Calvin believed about the Eucharist?

Why Episcopalians Should Become Roman Catholic

[guest essay by Fr. Addison Hart; it has generated 85 comments as of this posting!]

Why Should an Episcopalian Become Orthodox?

[guest essay by Fr. Stephen Freeman; 18 comments -- this indicates either that Catholic conversion is far more controversial or that there is a lot more potential interest in it; probabl y a little of both, I suspect]

Fly, you fools!

[internal Anglican agonizing due to the increasing, encroaching liberalism of that communion. Sample: "for the sake of your souls and future salvation, and for the salvation of your children and grandchildren, get out of the Episcopal Church now! Not tomorrow. Not next year. Now! For priests, this is not an easy thing to do. We are invested in the institution, we have families to support financially, and many of us are not trained to do anything else. And so we wrestle with God in prayer, seek his guidance and forgiveness, and negotiate our consciences. But lay people have a freedom here that we priests do not. And to you I say, leave the Episcopal Church . . . I say to you now, Get out! Compassionately understand and forgive your parish priest who cannot find it within himself to risk the wrath of vestry and bishop; but get out now! It doesn’t matter what the Primates decide in Februrary. Get out now! Flee! . . . But where to go, you ask. And to my correspondents I always answer: Join either the Orthodox or Catholic Church . . . Orthodoxy and Catholicism are the only two churches that do not understand themselves as denominations but precisely as the Church. They both can legitimately claim to be the Church of the Apostles. They both can legitimately claim to be the Church of the ecumenical councils and church fathers. They are, in fact, the only two legitimate claimants to the title ”the Church” . . . Which one should you choose? You might consider just flipping a coin. There’s then a 50% chance of getting the decision right, which at least is a heck of a lot better than trying to choose one of the Protestant denominations. But to assist you in your choice, I will be sponsoring here on Pontifications, from time to time, articles written by Orthodox and Catholic writers to argue for their respective ecclesiastical points of view. Stay tuned." -- this one has generated 105 comments]

The Logic of Revelation

[tradition, private judgment, private interpretation of Scripture]

Do we need an infallible Church?

Yes . . . and if anyone is looking for one I think I have just the right thing for you . . .

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