Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Wickedness of Christian Division, Anti-Catholicism, and Anti-Protestantism

I wrote the following (8-11-03), disgusted, upon deciding to leave an anti-Catholic discussion board. It expresses my very strong feelings concerning the tragedy of Christian division and how it harms the Body of Christ and the larger culture and society we live in: 


A two-year-old child of a friend of my wife's was struck by a car and killed today. This is real life, which consists of unutterably tragic things like a child being killed, and comforting a very distraught wife and dealing with a world in which such things can happen, and working through the problem of evil (which I have long considered the most serious objection to Christianity, though certainly not a disproof).

I lost my only brother to leukemia five years ago. I watched him waste away and die (I have his picture on my home page, at the bottom). His own wife died suddenly ten years before that. Then he lost his job and was diagnosed with leukemia within a year. That's real life. The piddly, petty, juvenile crap that goes on in many (not all, by any means) posts on this bulletin board and every other one I have found where Catholics and Protestants try to interact like adults, is not real life. It is scandalous, disgusting, an ego trip, an exercise in futility. Much of such "dialogue" (again, not all, but quite a bit) is a waste of time and an insult to any conscientious Christian's intelligence (on any side, including my Orthodox brothers and sisters).

Real life is this country and world going to hell in a handbasket, with legal abortion for 30 years, and partial-birth infanticide, and now legal sodomy, and soon-to-be legal homosexual "marriage" and a homosexual practicing bishop in the Episcopal Church; broken families, pornography everywhere, sewer bilge piped into network TV, rotten schools, massive social and crime problems in the large cities (I'm right outside Detroit and grew up in a working-class neighborhood there), etc., etc.

Meanwhile, fellow Christians (who actually agree on the great bulk of these social and moral problems) slug it out daily, so that Satan can win the victory. Divide and conquer. Let the nation go to hell. Let souls go to hell who are out there waiting to hear the Good News. Instead the lost in a lost world get to see Christians treating each other like morons.

Let them all go to hell. Never try to work together with a Catholic brother (like myself) who has web pages on many things about which most of us here would agree: abortion, sexual and gender issues, atheism, the Trinity, the cults, racial issues, Judaism, defenses of the Resurrection of Jesus, etc. That would never do. No, instead we must have the accusations and insinuations and rank insults. You don't know me. You can't read my heart. You don't know what motivates me.

And you wonder why I don't want to stay here? Get a life! Go to a soup kitchen or to a crisis pregnancy center. Get out in real life and try to alleviate some of the suffering and emptiness and hopelessness out there, rather than sit here and lie about your fellow Christian brethren. Go be with your family; work out problems and grudges and disagreements with family and friends in "real life." Tell them you love and appreciate them; anything but the nonsense that regularly goes down on this discussion board.

For my part, I am interested in other things, like making sure I show love every day to my wife and four children, lest I lose any of them suddenly in some horrible fashion. I'm motivated to share the gospel with the lost and to show forth love and charity to friends and strangers, to be a light in this dark world, by God's grace. I want to share with atheists the hope that is in me, and with cultists that there is a better way. I want to continue to fight for traditional morality (and I have written about all these issues).

That doesn't happen on this board. Here we fight and lie about each other. I refuse to do it. And it will never end as long as Protestants here deny that Catholics are Christians, because it is a condescension and a bigotry which refuses to be corrected. And whenever bigotry against Protestants or Orthodox occurs amongst Catholics, I condemn that with equal vigor. Don't do it! Don't fall into Satan's trap and ploy.

Love your Christian brothers and sisters. Treat them with respect. Share with them and show them that you are a Christian too. Believe the best of them. Talk about things you agree on once in a while. Make this a positive experience and witness. Don't fall into the silly rhetoric and baiting and divisive sniping and backbiting and polemics and quarreling (as I have too often done, to my shame).

This is what I would like to share with anyone who regards me as some type of figurehead or leader in the Catholic Internet community. This is what I'll leave you with. Keep the faith, but love those who disagree with you, and be as charitable and unassuming as you can. If you don't feel that way, don't post; take a day and pray or read the Bible and come back and try to do better next time.

To the Catholics in particular: please forgive me all my shortcomings, manifested on this board. I'm not your model. Don't look to me, but to our Glorious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the "author and finisher" of our faith.

God bless you all.

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