Sunday, May 02, 2004

Church Hoodwinks Gullible Faithful With Mary-Goddess Conspiracy

Diane S., the chief moderator at the huge anti-Catholic-dominated CARM Catholic Board, chimed in with this gem of a straw man description recently (Post of Apr-27-04 01:35 PM):

The RCC is making a creature into a goddess, just a little at a time. One lie always leads to another, if the Lord should tarry another 500 years, she will be the RCC goddess and is just about there now. She is just not named goddess as that is too obvious and must come a little at a time in order to fool EVEN the elect as our Lord teaches. She is only given all the characterisitics of a goddess, that is necessary to the salvation of the world......

More of the same:

Give me a break, will ya....I have been reading Catholic teachings everyday for seven years . . . I understand idolatry when I see it.......this is Marian worship and Idolatry and telling me I had better call on the name of Mary or end up in hell . . .

(Apr-27-04 01:44 PM)

. . . please do not consult the dead, or pray to idols for CARM. It is an abomination to God and we prefer prayers ONLY to God, we are not interested at ALL in Marian prayers. It is simply words hitting the ceiling and an offense to God.

(Apr-27-04 02:31 PM)

The fact Catholics constantly suggest we don't understand is an insult to the regular posters on CARM, and is the only reason I mention reading all of this for seven years. If we disagree with the RCC, does not mean we 'don't understand'.

(Apr-28-04 11:50 AM)

"bw smith" added this tantalizing little tidbit:

What Diane cited was not “Christianity ,” but the excesses of folks who were either misguided, deceive or lost.

(Apr-30-04 04:17 PM)

Here are most of the people whom Diane cited in her post which began this ridiculous thread:

St. Ephrem
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Bonaventure
St. Alphonsus Liguori
St. Bernard
St. Ambrose
St. John Mary Vianney
St. Bernardine of Siena
St. Maximilian Kolbe
St. Francis de Sales
St. Augustine
St. Louis Marie de Montfort
St. John Damascene
St. Philip Neri
St. Agnes
St. Peter Julian Eymard
St. Bridget of Sweden
Ven. Pope Pius IX
St. Dominic
Pope St. Pius X
St. Robert Bellarmine
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Vincent Ferrer
St. Anselm
St. Thomas More
St. John Bosco

Now here is a clear-cut case: better to go to hell to live forever with all these wonderful saints than go to heaven to be with the anti-Catholics . . . if reality is this inverted, then I guess heaven is hell and hell is heaven . . .

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