Sunday, April 11, 2004

A Wise Word to the Spiritually Simple-Minded (?)

One of our continuing series, documenting for posterity the exhortational letters I receive from anti-Catholics (reproduced exactly as I received it). Note that this person has a heretical Christology by Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox standards. He appears to be opposed to trinitarianism. I'm not sure what he believes (not enough information). It may be Arianism, Sabellianism or something even more heterodox:

"Simple Question"

Why do you disregard the bible for the sake of your tradition. You prove your beliefs with the bible. I think that you should not preach that false doctrine to feeble people. Why then did the catholic church persecute early Christians for not believing the trinity, and you in all boldness profess to know the truth, when you stand for the one who stands in the temple full of iniquity and injustice. You hypocrite, you need to open your mind to the holy spirit. Or wait, you believe that only the "priest" can communicate to God Almighty. You forget that you are priests and priestess in this world that doesn't care about a Savior. Your salvation is not wrapped up in an organization. It is wrapped up in the faith in the only Begotten Son of God. He is no person else. You say, Jesus was in the exact image of god, and therefore is God. I say that all humans were made in the image of God, but that doesn't make us God. God is one, eternal and spirit. He cannot die. If Jesus was God, then he didn't really die. If Jesus didn't really die and rise again, salvation is not bought and resurrection is not attainable. I know that my salvation is attainable because Jesus died and broke the binds of death and the grave to pay for my redemption. Jezebel has entered the church, and you should not tolerate her.

[I am including his name and e-mail, because if this person feels compelled to "preach" to me, then at least he is serious about spiritual matters, and will (presumably) be open to hearing our thoughts in reply. We need to share with him the nature of true Nicene, trinitarian Christianity, and show him love]

Michael Brangman

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